Oh, c'mon! this is not cool, gentlemen

Oh, c’mon! did you know how boring is the mission The Last Train to Cairo? how if was not already difficult to dodge those second set of signs at the top of the trains in the second part of the mission (inside the tunnel) , now I have to try to kill a boss while that annoying “prophet” of Athen is throwing around molotov cocktails. Even worse, I only have those potions activated by the “Tab” button – and they are only three and I need to pay to replace them! that is not cool, gentlemen. Specially because I am a casual player – i.e: I have no pleasure in playing a game where I die innumerable times.

P.S: and no, I don’t feel any kind of “elation” after passing for such kind of situation. I only feel myself less angry and frustrated.

If you’re dying “innumerable times” in story content you’re doing something wrong.


Show us your build and gear.

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I mean I havn’t done this mission in a very long time but they have made the story content easier and easier and last I completed this mission in SWL I don’t think I even came close to dieing. (Unless some ninja change was made). Challenges require solutions not just answers. So maybe it’s worth revisiting your build or playing around with your Anima Allocation.


Each weapon has a selfhealing passiv. Should be the first thing you get/have in a weapon passive page.
If damage is the issue there is one solution. If getting hit is the problem…well if I say just don’t stand in attacks is really the only advice to give. Most attacks especially on top of the train should be reative easy to dodge, only ones tricky really are the ones where you jump on chests if you get down.

Generally if that gives you trouble I have some serious doubt SWL is for you. It’s not getting easier even if most people I met considered it easy. Especially kaidan is a step up.
Be it mobs or necessary jumping.

Another tip for being more survivable is playing around with Anima Allocation. You can go more tanky/healy/damagey if required for any given situation.

Is it possible to share with us your build? Active/passive abilities, as well as your stats and gear IP?

Definitely this. That mission is cake. It’s slow, but easy. @Observr you need to do as people are asking and give us your build/gear because the problem is going to be you in some capacity and not the mission. Build/gear is the most likely culprit.

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is a super likely culprit. When I see new(ish) players at low levels, they so often are using 33/34/33, which is essentially SWL for “yeah, you’ll just die a lot”.

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Oh wow. As neat and tidy as that would look, it would certainly be sub-optimal.

I’d recommend going 100% damage, then if that doesn’t kill things before you die (OP, not you BombShelley), try 70% damage, 30% tank. Most self-heals I’d equip for soloing go with a percentage of total health, not healing power. Move Anima Allocation down the tanking/dps line until you stop dying.

You may also want to use one of the anima potions to temporarily boost your max health/attack/heal rating if you are having trouble. That fight can be tricky, but my strategy was to hang back until the firebomb attack is telegraphed then go forward as far as you can so that you have room to step between the first fire area and the incoming second one while you attack. It’s also quite important to keep facing forward/backward, as if you’re to the side and a bomb explodes near you, it will knock you off.

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As others said, it’s something you’re doing, not the mission. The dodging is a bit tricky if you want to get the achievement, but the fights are all so easy you shouldn’t even notice them as fights (that’s one of the problems with story & open world, imho – too easy). However, I can offer a bit of advice on how to tune up your character: always run AA = 100 attack, check your build against How to Build: All Weapons, and then test your build by solo’ing a story-mode dungeon. All of the dungeons your level and below can be solo’d if your build is setup right (as dps with A100 … no need for tank or heal builds).

For gear, you should have a complete full set of L25 blue gear before you’re 50 along with a full set of L25 fusion gear to go 100% L1 epic purple the moment you hit 50. All my chars were 50 a fair bit before hitting egypt, but I cleared full zones without skipping any main or side missions. If you did main story only and neglected your gear while leveling, I could see you having a hard time.

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if none of these options work out for you minecraft and clash of clans are pretty cool games.


One more quick question:
Are you lagging a lot?
Because that particular mission can be very, very unfriendly to lag.
To the point where it quickly becomes impossible to avoid all those things that you need to avoid.

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I still don’t get why people do this and I hate hearing about it when people post that they’re underleveled/geared for Transylvania or Tokyo. Every mission in this game is relevant. Every main mission supports the main story in some way and every side mission adds a tiny bit of flavor or spice to the overall narrative. This isn’t WoW where you find missions like “Bring be 25 flowers because the developers needed to fill space in this zone with more quests”. Every mission in this game means something. Skipping is a disservice to yourself. On the upside, you’ll be level 50 long before you ever get to Transylvania and you’ll have no problems being unable to complete the zones.

Looks to me like @Observr just made this post to complain and never came back. Seems the type of person who doesn’t even want help, he only wants to whine and complain. Profile shows he made this account, posted this rant, left and has never even logged back in again. What’s even the point.


it’s a wild guess, but maybe the SWL relaunch has something to do with it? The way the MoF grind works practically screams “run-off-the-mill standard MMO where tasks, not story, matters”.

And yes, it is way worse than it was in latter-day TSW, as BB/MoP didn’t feel anywhere near as all-important until late in the game as MoF does right off the bat. (Oh, and you had more options of getting BB/MoP in a way you, as ap layer, prefer.)

People will act in accordance with what’s before them, and I’m sorry, the extremely inflexible MoF grind in SWL is a terrible match for a story-focused game in that it suggests the exact opposite of story focus.


I have been leveling one of my alts by playing the minimum amount and upgrading the minimum amount. 3 missions and 4 daily upgrades, sometimes doing the second tier but usually not. Sometimes in holiday events I upgrade a little more. But I usually just do th first tier of challenges and progress a bit in the main atory.

Following this casual approach to play and upgrading, I’m still under 200 IP having gotten to New Dawn. I can still win fights because I’m using hammer as main weapon, but I also know my character is very underpowered comparatively to my other characters that have done more challenges, more missions, upgraded more often and with larger distillates from elite dungeons and caches, which I have also purposefully avoided with this alt.

TL;DR I can believe it when a casual player says they are having trouble with late-game main story missions because it’s easy to end up having low gear IP via casual play following the daily challenges.