The last train of Cairo

Hi, i finished the “The last train to Cairo” already tree imes but i am never able to break the roof top. What do i need to break this roof?

You mean the glass roof? just attack it.

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Already tried to attack it but never succeeded to break it. With what do i have to attack it?

Any attack should do. It’s similar to akab burrows and such in that respect.

Ok will try once again.

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Tried once again; beated all the ennemies but unable to break roof top (the raster on top doesn’t even becomes red) what am i doing wrong!

Which weapons are you using? We may be able to suggest abilities which require less targeting (hopefully!).

The final glass roof should become red and assailable even by proximity.
I assume you are able to break the x2 previous glass rooves without a problem?

Also just checking, what are the mission instructions at this point? (in case somehow a step has been skipped or bugged).

Submit a petition suggested, if you haven’t already.

If you’re on the story version of the mission you might’ve skipped a step (picking up a certain thing from a certain crate) before you’re allowed to finish. Otherwise, PBAoEs are your friend if you can’t break the glass with regular abilities.

I indeed am able to break the previous roofs without problem. I can not imagine which step i skipped; returned the last wagons and couldn’t find anything. Will try to submit a petition. Thanks anyway.