Update 2.2.2 Patch Notes (Stonehenge)



The Council of Venice have agreed to utilize their virtual reality system for an all-new combat simulation: Occult Defence. Your mission: Defend Stonehenge against endless waves of enemies in solo or duo play! How far will you go? LEARN MORE HERE!


The Equinox is upon us! Each equinox the Druids of Avalon arrive in Agartha seeking assistance with the defense of their home. Seek out the envoys in the center of Agartha to be assigned your training mission and daily task. Complete daily missions for chances at unique rewards, including a special agent dossier and equinox-exclusive Legends!


  • The door to the Slaughterhouse in Carpathian Fangs now properly opens the group finder.
  • Fixed scrap golems in Edgar’s junkyard sometimes getting stuck in an unattackable state for extended periods of time.
  • Using the /afk command will properly reply to players sending tells with your response.
  • Mounting a ladder while casting sprint will no longer allow sprinting up/down the ladder


  • Illuminati Grifter Glasses, Illusionist Hat, Gunslinger Glasses, and Necromancer’s Goggles now appear properly in the Dressing Room.
  • Exorcist uniforms will no longer turn male Templars invisible.
  • Gunslinger outfit can be equipped by players who have earned the relevant achievement.


  • Sanity’s Aphelion now properly provides protection after resurrecting.
  • Increased damage of Thrash to match other weapon single target basic attacks.


  • Fixed Unseen achievements showing the failed notification if the mission had not already been completed at least once.


  • Hell Raised - Increased the enrage timer on Machine Tyrant to 5 minutes


  • Locusts can no longer receive the Strange Attractor mutator.
  • Seek & Preserve - Map markers no longer unnecessarily display monster name, to improve readability in tight quarters
  • Seek & Preserve - Map markers should now always appear on bosses and mutators


  • Corrected agents who increase basic damage providing nearly double the intended increase. The damage increase now matches the value displayed in the tooltip.

September 20, 2018


  • Occult Defence - Fixed a rare case where even after all enemies had been killed, the wave would not complete.


  • Tradeable versions of the Druid of Agent Dossiers can now be properly uploaded. This includes Fearghas Abernathy.


  • Rewrote goal text on Equinox missions to be more precise.
  • Renamed the repeat mission to make it clear that it is different.
  • Made it easier to pick up missions from Fearghas Abernathy.

Due to rapid turnaround on the new text, French and German localization will be implemented at a later date.

September 26, 2018


  • Cernunnos Antler Fragment - Fixed the following bosses/categories of bosses not being properly flagged to trigger this effect:
    • Dungeon "minibosses", these include the Haugbui Jarl, Archean Seismocrat, and Unbound Ak'ab
    • Rare dungeon champions, such as The Defiled
    • Public lair bosses, such as Hitodama Confluence
    • Regional lair bosses, such as Aspect of the Long-Toothed
    • Scaled mission bosses, such as Hi-Tech Rocket Specialist in Venetian Missile Crisis


  • Agent gear can now be equipped when there are more than 50 agents in the roster.
  • Druid agent boosters can be aquired through the Instant Purchase UI.


  • Blue Mountain - Breaking News can again be completed.



NO BONES ABOUT IT, BABY! Featuring nine new Extraordinary Weapons (each with their own unique effect!), a new outfit, pet, and mount, The Oni War Cache has deployed across the world, replacing the Agarthan Cache as drops in the world. Existing caches may still be bought, sold, and opened via Cache Keys as normal.Oni_Cache


  • Special assignments now provide Intel, Supplies, and Assets
  • Agent Dossier packs bought from Shadow Trafficker with HexCoins will no longer give out duplicate agent dossiers.
  • Added booster pack agents from the South Africa and Druids of Avalon packs to the Shadow Trafficker’s Agent Dossier packs.
  • Missions that require 2 types of resources (Intel, Supplies, or Assets) now give more resources on completion
  • Agent Vanity Reward Bags reworked:
    • When the loot roll decides you will receive a weapon skin, it now always selects an unowned weapon skin. If you have all weapon skins it informs of this in chat. Note that having all relevant weapon skins owned does not prevent the loot roll from rolling the weapon skin category.
    • When the loot roll decides you will receive a sprint, you will now always receive the sprint item regardless of whether you already have the sprint added to your Sprints list.
    • Added three more variants of the Shocking Steps sprint
    • Renamed the existing Shocking Steps sprint to Shocking Steps, Blue

—We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a QBL Media News Bulletin. The home of renowned art collector Erika Gunden has been broken into and several priceless works of art have been stolen. Also reported stolen are many items of her personal collection, including several unique artifacts of unknown origin. The total theft has been estimated at over 1 billion USD. Authorities are offering bounties for any information that will lead to the apprehension of individuals involved in th—


  • Afraid of the Dark will no longer fail to award when using a proc-heavy build
  • Afraid of the Dark now informs immediately that the achievement has been failed on killing the first enemy if there is no way the achievement can be successfully completed any more in the current instance


  • Into Darkness - Dying during the final encounter will now always respawn near the final encounter


  • Occult Defence
    • Bonus items/shards for completing multiple waves are now added to the loot table after every completed wave, instead of every 3rd wave.
    • This also fixes an issue where the bonus tier for completing 3 waves was incorrectly awarding too soon, making it seem like there was no bonus loot at that tier
    • The chance to get Signets, Gadgets, and Agent Dossiers now increases based on the last wave completed
    • Monsters that stay alive for more than 5 minutes now slowly grow more powerful


  • Incubus - Wildfire now only deals damage once per second, the damage area better matches the visuals, and stops dealing damage when the Incubus dies (no more invisible fire)

October 17, 2018


  • The Oni War cache tooltip no longer incorrectly shows head talismans. The contents of the cache have not changed!
  • Using the Pale Horse gives anima shards if already owned.


  • Description of Shotgun of the Howling Dog now indicates it also converts Anima-Infused Shells to other types.


  • Samhain 2018 Legends are now visible in the Legends UI.


  • Morph suits can be used and show correctly in Dressing Room.


The Broadcast

  • Enabled send report on completion in order to read the faction handler text.
  • Spirits will no longer continue to spawn from Shortwave radio receivers after the fight has ended. (rare case previously)
  • Reduced the health of Shortwave radio receivers by 34%.
  • Shortwave radio receivers no longer spawn a wave of ghosts on reaching 50% HP.
  • David Screed no longer calls you twice when starting the mission.

Known Issue(s):

* The Broadcast Legend #9 is missing and will be fixed in a future update. - Issue resolved in October 23 patch

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October 23, 2018


  • The Broadcast
    • Legend #9 is now available.
    • Ineligible players will no longer receive the introductory phone call from Dave Screed.
    • Players who meet up into a higher difficulty version of The Broadcast than they can normally access via the door will receive loot appropriate to their character. Feel free to continue to team up across difficulties.


  • Samhain event shows correct year in Legend UI.