Lvl 55 enemies in the intro. And their sweet sweet (?) Loot


So 5 mins into the game. I come upon two nasty buggers. Big ■■■■■■ and small ■■■■■■. Both lvl 55.

The game holds my hand and makes my Pumbaesk PC tell me that i should probably sneak around.

That is all fine and dandy. BUT! For one thing…

Behind big ol´ baddy is a crate and a pile of loot…

I have been reloading and getting Donald and Pumba killed alot by now. It is starting to get tragic…

Can somone help me. Are they a tease or is there a way to get them?`

Thanks in advance.


I think the entire point of this section is you are in the Tutorial, so you are supposed to sneak past them to learn how to sneak past people properly.

I seriously doubt you have anywhere near the skills/abilities/firepower to take them out at the point you meet them, forcing you to sneak, forcing the tutorial upon you.

You could go back every 5 levels and try your luck, see what the earliest is you can get their sweet loot.

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Yes, it’s showing you that one mechanic in the game is sneaking by people who are higher level than you until you are properly equipped. This is something you’ll run into several different times in the game. You can come back later and get that sweet loot.


Thanks guys.

I didnt know i could go back :).

Kinda sad that i could not lure enemies away with molotovs and smoke…
But meh…

Other then that. Game seems sweet :).

Yeah, but considering later you get knockdowns and mindcontrol, don’t feel too bad for yourself. :smile:

I eventually went back and took them out. that loot your agonizing over is quite the disappointment sorry to say.

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I too died against them many times as I have a habit of seeing challenges and trying to overcome them. I could kill the little one, but not the biggie because he can hog rush every turn like a big cheater. I think I went back and killed them around level 22-29. Having a third party member, some mutations, and armor that makes you immune to charge attacks makes a big difference.

I’m extremely late but actually you can kill it at level one but you have to glitch it abit, if you tell your companion to wait abit after killing the two level one enemies and after starting a fight with them and getting whichever character you initiated the fight with killed your second character will be out of reach to be attacked but in reach to attack. I stumbled upon it by accident but i think that it is the intended method by the game developers since the loot the fight gives you is basically starting equipment. It gave me a new appreciation for the game but also left me feeling abit cheated that i only got obe level from it