Stuck? (No areas "safe" to fight)

Probably missing an area or two here, but I’m at level ten, and every area is beyond the ability of my team to tackle. There were some you could sneak past, but I’m not finding one now that can be done with stealth alone. The next logical area of focus is house of bones, that’s level 20. Izza and Fall, level 20. Iron serpent, 25. Scraplands, 25. Rot Warren, 35, Lair of Devil, 45 … in house of bones, I’ve spent a ton of time in there trying to see if there’s a way to sneak by then and get to the crash site, but I can’t find one yet. Thought there might be an underground tunnel or way to sneak overhead.

Anyway, love the game, it’s beautiful and so moody, but I think I’ve missed something! Thanks for the game guys!!

Mmm, did you went to the Fallen Angel area - that with a downed helicopter? There are lots of weak enemies there and you can also get third stealth weapon there.

Don’t be fooled by the level numbers, you can easily kill enemies 20 levels above you if you pick them out isolated, My suggestion is that equip all your characters with silent weapons (get one from fallen angel if you haven’t done it) and kill the patrols in those zones and get easy exp to level up, use bormin’s charge if they have high hp.

You can get a tier 2 gun at the devil zone without having to fight anything, you can also obtain a tier 2 gun at scrapyard without having to kill anything, you can get another tier 2 gun at house of bones after silent killing some trash mobs upstairs, in fact if you do it right, EVERY single enemy in house of bones can be isolate killed, it’s one of the easier zones.

Oh dear, I feel so silly. I thought the skull next to the enemy meant, don’t bother, like the Assassins Creeds games. Thank you!! I’ll try House of Bones again later!