Need your advice!

So I want to know if you guys think it’s possible doing the hardest difficulty but not going into more advanced zones, sneaking around, stealing loot and going back to the zones you’re meant to be in. To me this feels cheesy. I want to do it zone by zone and feel challenged, I just don’t want to hit a wall.

Also, the state of the game at the moment, is it worth waiting a few months for any other fixes or anything, or just start murdering ghouls now?? :slight_smile:

Doubt you’ll hit walls if you eat corpses all the time, don’t clear zones entirely though, you may run into big fights and need kills to refresh skills. Should upgrade sneak weapons and sneak kill a lot with bormin’s charge, bormin’s stoneskin + taunt is a good combo later on too, but only for the last pack on the map, and of course double shot is nice in general.

I’d recommand playing now.

Thanks! Yeah I understand not every fight is winnable and it kinda shows you that, but as long as I don’t ‘need’ to sneak into higher areas, to then go back and kill mobs in previous areas to advance the story!