Opinion from people who already played very hard , please?

let’s see if this place is more active.

OK my first run, decided to go very hard.
Level 11 so far so good , cleaned most of it right.
But now I’m facing the ghould in the highroads. At this point I got no silent weapon combination that can take out one ghoul (16hp , I do 14 without crit) silently. No way to grind in this game. I upgraded two of my silent weapon with all the weapon parts I could find.

so it feels like the situation is ‘scripted’
So here are my questions :

  1. did I miss something , should I be able to dish those 16 hp silently ?
  2. is this gonna be the case all around/most/a big chunk of the game that very hard means not being able to take out ennemy silently ?

To be clear , no complains here. I’m ok if very hard means no taking out and get the tactical battles rolling. It’s a way to pace a game. Just for my first run I want to expereience the whole sneak around and take 'em out one by one as much as possible. If I need to tune down difficulty to hard so be it. I just don’t want to restart if that was just ‘this one fight on very hard’.

The very hard mode isnt hard at all.