It Came From Below

I am liking the new missions, they are quite fun. I like that they have replaced the normal RK style missions that just had a single Pumkinhead that dropped holiday loot and instead is a mission filled with holiday mobs each dropping the seasonal loot.

My only gripe with this is that they only seem to drop ql gear that is 6-3ql’s lower than the character doing the mission. I have done a few of these missions and this has been the case for every single mission. It might just be my luck but if it is actually the case, this excludes any twinks sitting around being able to get the guns (mainly the chapmans) and particular ql’s of bbq pillows.

This means that I either have the choice of rolling and levelling up a character +5 or so lvls of teh actual ql of item I want or levelling a twink (which neither is going to happen) otherwise the only people this loot is available for are the people who randomly have a levelling character at the desired llevels needed for these.

it seems a bit of a blow to the chin really.

Can anybody confirm whether they have had weapons (or armor I guess but mainly the weapons) drop of the same lvl or higher than the character level in the mission?

If this is the case… could this please be altered so that loot drops between a variance of 3 levels below - 3 levels above the character in the actual mission?

I believe this is by design, to not make previously valuable items suddenly common/worthless. Personally I don’t think this is a bad thing.

My observations:
Player level 100 gets loot Ql94-97. Player level 101 gets loot Ql104-107. 150s get slightly below their level and 151’s slightly above again (but I don’t have an exact range for this). Level 200s get Ql192-198 loot.

Ok well Ive mainly done it on lvl 150’s, 200 & 218.

150 gets slightly below, 200 gets 194-197 and 218 got 200 guns and bbq and 216 armor drops.

If you have had some chars that get slightly above, maybe it is just random on mish roll as to what you get?

While I can understand your point with the whole not considering it a bad thing… for somebody who doesnt buy into the whole sell your junk pixels that you dont need for 3bil of pixelated credits thing… if it is like this by design and not random… this compoletely forces me into buying things because my ability to farm my own items has been taken away so personally I don’t agree with this. It would be simply bad design for protecting the already over inflated market.

The mission It Came From Below is an addition, not a replacement; all the old ways to get the pistols are still possible. Ask Draculeet for a Trick or Treat mission and then ask for Old Sk00l loot for a standard RK mission with a Uncle Pumpkinhead in it. Griefing Uncle Pumpkinheads also drop these weapons as before.

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Ok thank you, I tend not to do the outdoor ones because the times ive tried, ve been ganked either on teh way or whilst farming and I don’t like pvp so leave those to the ones who do.

I hadnt actually tried the other lines in conversation so didnt see the trick or treat option. Thought that was just social “Who are you” stuff.

I thought they were a replacement. Good to know I can still do the old ones for them. I am still going to do some new ones some more to give a better test but if all else fails. Its good to know.

Yeah I do both too :blush: The new missions can also drop Miy’s in the same tight Ql range, so it’s a good way to get sets at a specific Ql.

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