Daily Reward - Random Stat Weapon

So, I got from Daily Reward on 4 Accounts 4x Vector ND ql 179… in order of 3 days, so I presume there is only this weapon as a reward or its a bug some sort?

Additional note is, that puting there FIrst Aid Kits (Stims) is useless, because it gives you ql of your lvl, so in 99% they are way to high in lvl in order to use (stat wise).

Yeah I reckon some of these daily rewards should have a drop down window with additional options for items/quality levels

Depending on the item of the day, I’m choosing different alts to claim. For the weapons, I’m choosing low toons. Have gotten some concrete cushions and Jess’s, nice ql’s for twinking. Health rechargers and stims, same. I’m choosing a level that I can squirrel away ql’s that will benefit my entire account, usually claim on a level 100 or 150 toon. Although the 220’s are great for my doc. Buffing armor, same - a 50 or 100 toon. It all depends on how you plan to use the items as to which toon you should claim them on. Perhaps create a toon for the perfect ql item - ql 10 concrete cushions. :slight_smile: