Don't give us daily rewards that make us mad

I just received a QL 41 Concrete Cushion (because the toon I was playing is 41). It wouldn’t be so bad except the last reward was a timed experience buff (i.e., I had no option for when to use it, as opposed to an object like EQ2 does, which you can use when you wish) for a character that I had turned off exp on.

I suspect it was meant well, but smacks of devs designing these rewards who don’t actually play the game, compounded by the crap shoot nature of the rewards, i.e., we have no idea what we are getting, or perhaps, I’m not interpreting the interface correctly (which could happen).

From now on, I’ll only accept the rewards with low level toons. Assuming that if I refuse to accept it with a higher level toon, it’s still available.

Give us a token instead so we can choose something useful, instead of giving us a “Reward” that made me so mad that despite I was having lots of fun, I stopped playing to post this.

Level 41 Concrete Cushion requirements (and I’m play on RK2019):

Dimach 32
Brawling 92
Fast Attack 78
Sneak Attack 78
Heavy Weapons 92
1h Blunt 139

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I’m still enjoying my ql20 Heavy Weapons Faded Cluster. Tops.

Daily rewards exist because other rewards really don’t. The real problem is that the implementation… isn’t good. 90% of the items are entirely useless. Most of the rest depend, like yours, on the level. The only one I really care about is the Phasefront bike at the end of the calendar, and I honestly don’t think that should even be in game.

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Yeah, that’s kind of my point, although I don’t understand what you meant by “Daily rewards exist because other rewards really don’t”.

So far, in the week or so I’ve been playing (this time, I’ve been playing AO off and on since 2001), I have no idea what the reward was, and the ones I do figure out, have only made me mad.

i.e., from a customer service perspective, it’s a fail, and needs to be redesigned. I have no idea what a Phasefront Bike is, but I’ve never used the ground vehicle they give us for free on RK2019, or any other ground vehicle given for free (I’d never dream of buying one). Why spend IP on a ground vehicle?

I’m also really unhappy with the Yalm I bought with Funcom points, thinking that the more expensive version must be better (really bad descriptions on the purchase screen).

Wrong. The cheaper equipable Yalm is so much better (assuming it works as equipable Yalms obtained in game), such as you can fly into a mission surrounded by dangerous mobs, and then when exit, you can fly off immediately, rather than hope you can cast the nano before you get eaten.

Like I said, it really smells like the devs designing these perqs don’t actually play the game, and hence don’t understand IP, or why the more expensive nano version of the Yalm is worse than the cheaper version.

And so they should be required to play the game before being allowed to design anything more. Or as I said, give us a token as a reward to spend how we choose, since the devs designing them haven’t a clue.

If they had given me nothing, I’d be happily playing the game instead of posting here.

Horribly designed reward, ya know?

You have a lot of good points, but i have to point out that the nano version of the Yalm certainly has it’s uses. While it’s true that the normal yalm is better @ low levels, when you have a hud 1 device that you can’t self, the nano version yalm becomes golden.

The phasefront vehicle at the end of the reward table is a flying vehicle, nano version. Looks like a jetbike. I think the models are on display somewhere in ICC.

Thanks for the info, but the context is the RK2019 server. While there might be useful things for the old server, so far, which has only been a week or so, the daily rewards have gone unnoticed, or only noticed because they made me mad, like the QL 41 Concrete Cushion.

There are limited items for sale in the Cash Shop on RK2019 server. Nowhere in the descriptions is it obvious that one Yalm is an equipable object and the other is a nano that must be cast, nor the implications of the differences (never an issue before, because I get free Yalms via Veteran Points on the old server, or bought them with in game credits, which have always been objects, not nanos, so never bought one with Funcom points before).

Thank you for the correction about the phasefront bike. A free flying vehicle is better than nothing, even if it is a nano, which is not as effective for low levels.

But my point is about the new player/returning player experience.

the store definitely needs more in depth descriptions for a lot of the items up there. some of the descriptions are really vague and/or completely indecipherable even for long time players!

as for the daily rewards, I think they are suppose to be more like a gamble instead of an ‘always good’ reward, a nice bonus for logging in. but the range of what they give should be more exceptional. faded nano clusters and useless items like that cushion you got are pretty lame. i would rather get stuff like social fashion armor or silly nanos like leet transmorphs and/or leet pets than useless gear that vendors for next to nothing.

I think you’re right about the intent is to be a gamble instead of always good.

My point is that the devs are dumb for thinking that giving us something stupid is a good reward for logging in.

Before getting that stupid level 41 Concrete Cushion, I was having great fun. I wasn’t expecting nor did I care about a daily reward. It just popped up, and ruined my fun.

I would be playing now if that hadn’t happened, if that daily REWARD was not so incredibly stupid.

Haven’t played since.

That’s my point. A daily “reward” should never do that. The fact that the devs think it should is a huge warning flag they haven’t a clue.

And I’ve pretty much decided to cancel my two accounts over it. There are two or three other games I could be playing with friends I could be playing, none of which I like as much as AO.

Yeah, i guess the purpose was to be a gamble, but how it’s done is just stupid.

Whats the point of giving a random implant or a random cluster of the SAME LEVEL as the character? In AO, not even the total newbies are going to use something that’s too low quality level to give an advantage. That just annoys people. Especially at low levels when for example a level 30 character can just right click a ql50+ implant in without any buffs. And then he gets a ql30 implant as reward.

Or the already mentioned case of getting stupid ql’s of buffing weapons. The sweet spot for concrete cushions is ql10. If you’re going to give those as rewards, they should always be ql10 regardless of the level of the recipient. Other buffing weapons have similar sweet spots as well and beyond that sweet spot they are almost completely useless.

If they can’t get that right, they should just change the system to give only some social fluff stuff instead of actual gear that’s so wrong that it only infuriates players


if its a daily reward and you are lvl 30 on that day and you get ql 30 thing. its not suppsed to be same for tomorrow. but indeed very weird system.

eh… that was my entire point… i even wrote it in capital letters…

The items you get SHOULD NOT be same level as the character. In case of buffing weapons etc, they should be the best QL of the said weapon OR in case of armor, implants and other gear, they should be the QL the said character should actually use. So for a level 30 character, the implants should be AT LEAST ql 50 and so on.

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Funcom gives out random useless green stuff as daily rewards in SWL for quite some time now, I guess that is so popular (it isn’t), they ported it to AO !

Yeah. I really, really like TSW, but SWL seriously sucks. TSW failed because the quests are really hard and make you think (or in my case, google the spoiler), and because despite being an MMO, penalized trinity builds (which is actually good, but discouraging for those used to selecting trinity min-max builds. Can’t argue with that. I think it’s good thing to penalize min-maxing, but they lost too may players, including the trinity healer and dps builds two of my family members made, whereas my tankish build could complete the solo content, and they couldn’t, and I couldn’t help them because they made some content solo only (idiotic idea in an MMO, which wasn’t fixed in SWL).

TSW gave us reward points to spend as we choose, and I was happy with it. While I did play SWL too, I don’t remember the rewards (which is a good thing in that the rewards didn’t piss me off like getting a level 41 concrete cushion), but it sounds like the same clueless people designing them who’ve never played the games. Like the same people who thought giving SWL a reticle targeting system, like a console game, was a good idea.

Instead, they turned my silk purse mouse and keyboard into the pig’s ear that console game controls are.

The devs who did that have no clue that people who play console games do so because the hardware is cheap compared to PCs. And so yes, the console market is huge.

But AO and TSW are not console games.

Dumbing down our PC’s to console standards and thinking that will somehow garner the console market is just stupid. I can understand console ports to PC doing that, but the devs who do that to PC games haven’t a clue.

Or more likely, driven by bean counters who don’t understand the tech and how it relates to economics.

just be thankful the daily rewards are meaningless and generally useless. How would you feel if the game was just handed to you for logging in? Pretty unfulfilled, I’d bet.

I don’t need a game to make me feel fulfilled.

Nor do I need a daily login reward to make me login.

In fact, I don’t want a daily login reward at all if it reminds me that the devs have no clue. Makes me worry that the game won’t survive, and I’ve played too many MMO’s that no longer exist.

That’s what made me angry. I really want AO to survive, as I do EQ2, and TSW.

How about locking the best helm until 220 in a level 25 dungeon. If you missed it, you lose.

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This helm while looking cool, is hardly the best Helm. There are plenty of better armors out there, that provide better skills, and options.

And if you want it so much - why not just reroll to nab it. Also as far as the daily rewards go… they are just little trinkets. And it’s more just fun to see what you get on x day when you happen to be logged in.

For example… a ql 60 concrete cushion! xD

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The token ones are a little nice, and the phasefront bike people are going to start getting a lot now will totally screw the point of yalms again (though only on one char).

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