No more daily rewards?

My daily reward screen is full of used up ? marks and it says I have no rewards for the last few days. I log into RK19 for these.

I thought it was only me, but color me surprised: It’s FC! Having the same problem with my RK19 accounts. C’mon FC, if the “celebration” is going on through the 14th, so should the rewards. Fix it!

It clearly states that when the page is filled up, it starts over from the start. And it has in the past. They just broke it in their last patch it seems.

Yep, reporting in, haven’t had daily rewards in days. I don’t get it?

Anniversary is over, but the daily rewards are still not active, and haven’t been for days (for those who completed the Anniversary rewards). C’mon FC. The responsible party fell asleep at the switch, send someone over to nudge 'em.


Just got what appears to be a working rewards interface however the first 3 days are checked off. I am assuming these are the last few days that I haven’t been receiving rewards. Of course, the one single Phasefront vehicle that Funcom has (for some spooky strange reason) actually allowed people to obtain is the first item on the list. Now, I am assuming it must be a bug that a Phasefront vehicle is even on the list as everyone knows they are restricted to only the smallest minority of the population. However, in the odd chance that that it is supposed to be there then one of the most sought after items I now would (presumably, unless this happens again, which is likely) have to wait another month to get. Because…Funcom…I guess?