Daily Rewards RK2019

Are the daily login rewards per account or per toon? I show the daily reward has been awarded, but my toon does not have any pending rewards. It seems like only the first toon to log gets the daily reward and the others get nothing even though it is already earned.

Is this as intended? Or a bug?


I double checked this this evening. Logged toon 1 & triggered the 5% xp reward, then I logged toon 2 of same acct and the 5% reward is already triggered but toon 2 has no ‘pending rewards’.

What is the point of these daily rewards if the second toon I roll gets none of them?


Many of the rewards aren’t nodrop, such as stat buffing weapons and miy’s. It’s probably intended to be this way, to prevent rolling alts over and over to get more sellable items.

So only 1 character can claim the reward each day… I’m not very happy with that so far.

So free items just for logging in isn’t enough? This seems very entitled.

You sound stuck up and arrogant right now. It’s not about entitlement so get your head out of your butt.

It’s about the fact that some of us have a lot of characters and having to decide which character to claim a weapon on is so hard I just stopped even claiming rewards. Do I claim the weapon on my level 50 Trader,50 MP,45 MA,30 Doc,21 Fix? If I claim it on my lvl 50 trader will I get a level 50 shotgun?

The past week or so I haven’t been able to decide so I said screw it and haven’t claimed the reward and don’t plan too, I just close the daily reward window right away.

I just wish it was rewards that all characters can claim like the jetpack, so I am not stuck trying to decide. You know, account wide.


One thing I don’t miss about AO forums is how some people are so quick to call other peoples posts/ideas/opinions stupid. You don’t agree because you think the person is a “cry baby” then stay away from the convo, people don’t need the hate.


They are buff weapons. They are not NoDrop. You can trade them.

The only thing you need to “think” about is what level you want it.

Further, why would you ever use a weapon that is the same ql as you. Especially on a trader.

I am sorry you do not understand what the intention of the system is. It’s a free “bonus” that you would not normally receive if you don’t log in daily. It is meant to be there as a small incentive to log into the game, not as a way to gear your character. Do you expect a free yalm on every toon every 30 days?

Your idea is not an opinion. It’s an entitlement. You feel entitled to receive these items on all your toons. I have 5 level 75’s now and many alts of various levels. Difference between you and I, is that I understand what the daily log in reward is. I logged in, I got something. It’s a lottery, some times good, sometimes bad. I am not gearing my toons with the system. That is idiotic. Don’t expect your little hand out to be the end all.

I am sorry it confuses you so much.

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Oh you are so much more knowledgeable than me so you feel the need to be disrespectful and make assumptions.

I don’t like how belittling you are, it seems like you specifically use words like “entitlement” ,“understand” , and “confuses” to be belittling.

How do you expect a new player to “understand” something that isn’t really explained? Because you have experienced it and know exactly how something works doesn’t mean people who don’t are asking for entitlements or are dumb.

I can’t speak for others but all I was asking for was something that makes more sense to me, things that would be claimable and useful account wide.

You see this as entitlement but that says a lot more about you then anything else.

And I have no damn idea what weapon I would get if I claim it on my 50 trader vs my other lower characters. I don’t know how it works since I haven’t claimed it yet.

And you don’t know what weapon I have on my trader or how hard a time I or someone else might be having finding or affording a weapon for trader. I could still be using the illegally modified ofab shotgun like others I’ve seen, for all I know the daily login reward weapon could be as good or better. Yeah I am assuming it’s a junk weapon that boosts stats for buffing or something but I don’t know and choosing which character to claim on is annoying for me.

And to say my idea/suggestion/hope of reworking the daily reward system so that rewards can be claimed by all characters is an entitlement shows how ignorant you are, you know you are better then others and look down on their opinions.

And who are you to say people don’t have the right to be annoyed by something you claim they get for free? If I pay $15 a month for this game, nothing is free. If I was a free player I would still be annoyed by this daily reward system but maybe a little less so because it would actually be free, but even then I have the right to not like it.


I’m just going to login my trader and claim the weapon, I didn’t even care but now you have me curious to see what the heck it will be.

EDIT: I got a Concrete Cushion ql 50, so it would of been better to claim with a lower level character… see this is my point.

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I am being belittling because your lack of understanding has turned into anger. Don’t be mad at things you don’t understand. People who know me, know how helpful I am to new players and how I am constantly helping level / twink / give advice for new players.

You prefaced the whole thing with an aggressive attitude and you got defensive when met with the same aggressiveness. Gotta be some lesson in there somewhere.

Anyways if you have questions feel free to ask me ingame, or continue your misdirected anger here. TBH IDC.

You are being belittling by calling it “entitlement” to prefer the daily rewardssystem be reworked to be claimable by all characters on an account. Then when I point out that the way the daily reward system currently works left me disenchanted and felt repelling instead of inviting to me you decide to call me “confused” and say I don’t “understand”.

You would be correct that I don’t “understand” and I am “confused” by the daily reward UI and rewards but my whole point was that the system itself looks confusing and offers no explanation on what I am going to get or which character I should use to claim rewards …therefore I am not happy with it, but because you know how it works and what rewards look like you decide to instead come at me with this bs about how I am confused and entitled.

And my opinions of the Daily reward system needing a rework aren’t opinions but actually just entitlement? yeah ok

Some people hear criticism and they choose to attack the person who s criticizing or venting. Some people (me) like to vent and put their negative feelings out there… it doesn’t always mean they are a cry baby or feel entitled. And it doesn’t mean they are looking for or expecting a resolution.

It might sound like I am upset with you and sitting here raging out, I am not, but people in game and on these forums in the past have really bothered me, its frustrating that I can’t say something deemed “negative” because it triggers these people in OCC or on forums that feel the need to tell me I am a “cry baby” for pointing out my dislikes or frustrations.

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Grabbing popcorn

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Great idea. :popcorn:

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Mind you, we can get the same items on every toon with veteran points (or could we no longer receive them) Even if we delete an old toon to make a new one on that account the vetpoints and free to claim items from the item store are still there for the newly made toon.

So maybe the idea is not too much of a stretch.

And still as valid today as it was 19 years ago

My view of daily rewards… don’t get too invested in them either way. Look at them as some small bonus (most of them are useless), not something you are owed. We survived almost 20 years without daily rewards. They aren’t a deal breaker (except the phasefront bikes). We aren’t owed anything.

If they vanished from the game entirely, absolutely nothing would change other than one less popup window. If something can be removed wholesale, it isn’t something to get upset about.

If they WERE available for every character, they would have to all be nodrop. Just not worth the effort.


you are objectively wrong. Free stuff is free stuff, nobody is unclear on that point, and nobody has an issue with free stuff. The difficulty with the “rewards” is they are not rewarding. The system is not a “lottery” as you mentioned. They are guaranteed “gifts” from funcom to subscribers, another subscriber incentive. The idea that someone is entitled because of their opinion, that the login “rewards” are lackluster and poorly implemented with regards to anarchy online’s “Quality Level” system, is utterly asinine. The system was clearly designed without forethought of the player’s experience.

Before you make your next post flaming me for my opinion, calling my opinion an “entitlement” or something equally ridiculous and indicative of your own inability to think critically, please read your post twice and remove any logical fallacies or inklings of pretense. You are hardly in a position of authority anyways.

I may be out of line, but calling them gifts and demanding more is why you’re being called “entitled”

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literally read my post before you respond next time maybe???