Daily Rewards RK2019

on a related note, there is nothing wrong with players who pay $100-$180 a year feeling entitled to something. Not that I am a subscriber any more, I’m just here to agree with the op: daily “rewards” are poorly implemented and are a waste of time.

remember, these rewards were advertised in the subscriber “deal” as an alternative to other bonuses such as funcom points, extra paid time, etc. They are a replacement for the other subscriber benefits we have received in the past. So it is totally fair to criticize Funcom for being lackluster in this regard. I have yet to hear a sound argument on the other side.

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shrugs You called them “gifts” and complained they aren’t good enough. If you don’t understand why people think that is iffy and just keep insisting the same thing…

I don’t think it is worth caring about either way, as I said earlier. If you want to die on that hill, that is your choice, but I think it is rather inconsequential. So have fun with that.

subscriber incentives. the point is they are not rewards. You just refuse to understand because of your confirmation bias.

When you pay for access to something nothing is “free”.

Anything Funcom gives you that only paying customers get is not free
do you not understand that?

It’s one thing to mistakenly call daily login rewards a free gift, but to call someone entitled for calling the system flawed and hoping for changes is a whole bigger issue.

It’s a reward for time and money spent.If free players get it then they are rewarded for thier time…if a paid player gets it’s it’s a reward for time and money…so either way it isn’t “free”…we earn it one way or another.

Funcom is being generous yeah and it’s nice to reward people you care about and who care about you if you can…but we have the right to not be satisfied and for you to say otherwise is redicules.

So if I offer to buy my friend or gf dinner and after dinner they say “that food was not very good but thanks for dinner”, should I get upset with them and call them entitled or to keep thier criticism of the restaurant to themselves because it was a “free gift” or do I just say to my self and/or them “ok im sorry you didn’t enjoy it, next time we will try someplace else”? If they appreciate my gesture but not the food, that’s fine.

I had a gf years who was actually entitled, anything I did or said she complained about, but she would turn around and get upset about anything I complained about not even related to her…she always wanted something but never appreciate anything or the length I’d go to try to make her happy.

I appreciate what Funcom did i just wish they reworked it to make me happy…I don’t expect it …I was just voicing my opinion and hopes. And the reward system is as much for me as it is you so why am I not allowed to be unsatisfied with it, lmao.

People like you call that QQ but this is how the world works… criticism, expectations and suggestions are important in a lot of aspects of life especially game development as long as they are not negative. Nobody here was being mean or disrespecting Funcom or the reward system but you come in talking about entitlement… It’s people like you that ruin the game…to many times ingame I’ve been treated like crap for voicing my opinions or feelings and it’s really sad and frustrating at times.

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I am not going to read all that. But maybe if you spent as much time playing the game as you do typing you would feel like you are getting your moneys worth. But I guess typing a novel about how you are not receiving enough free (re: unearned) makes you feel like you need more hand outs.

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Wow lmao I’ll keep it simple for you this time…you are an ahole and no talking to aholes so…

I already said so much and you can’t bother to read let alone listen so there is nothing left to say but buh-bye bruh I’m done with this discussion.


Truth is, you both lost…
And everyone who read this argument lost.
Arguing on the internet is the downfall of our generation.


Think a better use of your time would have been saying what kind of items you would like to actually see in the line up. English isn’t everyones first language so best to take words with a grain of salt.

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u do it a lot tho

Can’t say I lost since I had a good laugh and honestly you can’t hear tone on forums.

Either way. I still think the daily system is mostly fine. There is some work that could be done on it but I think the effect should be directed elsewhere in game.

This is like 147274826493 on the list of things in AO that need fixing.

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My issue isn’t with the rewards, it’s the fact that each character doesn’t get to claim the reward like in other games. Some games all characters have a shared bank/inventory.

I make so many alts and login to different ones on different days, so having to logout and into a different character to claim the reward is frustrating especially when I have to decide which one of them should claim the item… even though it should be a simple and often pointless choice it’s not always.

And I look at the rewards and it seems like there shouldn’t be a problem with each character claiming a random weapon,nano,small token package,stims etc.

Ok? :slight_smile:
That sure is an opinion.

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