Daily Login rewards not work with 2ndary characters tied to same account

Hello, tested with few same characters tied to my primary account.
Event rewards work for all the characters.
So under is a screenshot of daily login rewards. They do get marked, but I never receive anything.

Regular login rewards can only be claimed by a single character. This has always been the case.

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Hmm… why? Seems to me it’s a bug as all the characters cannot get anything else but Aurumns from other characters…

I’m quite certain that it’s not a bug. In fact, event login rewards initially also could only be claimed on a single character. That was changed based on player feedback after the Whispering Tide.

If you think this should be changed, leave your feedback in the appropriate thread. But for now, it is what it is and it has been that way since day one.

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This is intended behavior and always has been. No bug.

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