Anniversary Chest

Is this chest only for 1 char on the account? i didn’t get one my toon.

Like other daily login rewards, you can only claim a reward once per day per account.

oh…didnt know that its a daily login reward. what can be everything in there?^^

edit: but normally you can claim the daily login stuff on every char. thats why i thought i get the chest on any of my chars.

You have never been able to claim the daily login stuff on every character. At best, during the Saga Server, you could claim once on Saga, and once on any other character each day.


Piankhi is correct.

You’ll be able to claim the reward on a new character of your choice after the daily reset, so please be sure to consider carefully which one you’d like to claim it for. :slightly_smiling_face:

ahh ok that explains it. i have only 2 chars, 1 on crom and 1 on saga.^^

edit: thx for the help :slight_smile:

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