Christmas champion loot

Running the new Christmas missions and killing the champions on two characters, I noticed a distinct difference in the loot they received from the bags.
My main (way past 1k IP) got showered with gadgets, most of them mythic and legendary. Worst loot was a purple Electrogravitic Attractor and one green bag with trees.
My alt (barely E8) only got blue distillates in the 1.2-1.4k range and green bags with decoration items.

Statistical fluke or pattern ?

Probably a fluke. My main is 1200 or so and I got ~1.2k distillates from 4 bosses, then yellow gadget + decorative crap from 2 of the missions giving 2 bags (I forget what those are - just know the investigation is one. I did one hourly boss and the side mission.)

Probably not a fluke. I think they’re scaled to the person who summoned them.

I’m voting fluke. I’m almost E7, but my loot was more like your E10 guy than your E8 guy.