A good word for Funcom

I’ve been known by some as being very critical in many of my posts concerning the state of Conan Exiles. But I also give praise where praise is due.

That said, I played for a while on a friend’s rig today and have to say that I think Funcom did a marvelous job on the mounts. I very much enjoyed putzing with the horses for a while. Nicely done people.

I commented on the follower limit/leveling system and the momentum movement changes on the appropriate threads, so won’t repeat myself here.

I do find it necessary to sing my old refrain, however. I wish more would get done with the bugs and performance issues as I’ve noticed the effects reflecting on the new changes from the update.

On a side note: Why would this update increase GPU usage, power consumption, and, thus, temperature? These things are monitored on the rig I played on and, from what I’m told, have increased since the update.

'Nuff said…I’m tired.


Hear, hear. Funcom, good job on the mounts!


I belive mounts would, if anything, increase CPU usage rather than GPU usage. For the GPU it’s a few more textures (little effort) and perhapse some more physics. The GPU already does a lot and mounts don’t add much to the pile.

The CPU has now got a bit more maths to do, and CPU’s are low-core smart memory items and thus more prone to load increases. Atleast I think that’s the case, I’m not too versed on UE optimisation lol. Anytime you lag because of Thralls, I belive it’ll be the CPU, purely because although the Thrall maths are ‘easy’, there’s a lot to go though with a lot of processes, CPU’s aren’t too good at this.

If you’re worried about GPU temperatures (I could talk all day about GPU thermals)… 110’C is the point it will usually turn off. 95’C is the point at which you should worry. ~84’C is the usual point of proper throttling (visibly decreases performance). If it’s below this, you’re good!
On nVidia cards, they will technically throttle at 60’C but this is due to “BOOST 2/3.0” and its variable clocks. There’s be very little notisable change in performance up until 84-ish. You’re absolutely 100% fine until this number.

Would you like a complimentary 90 post summary of each componant on a GPU’s reaction to thermals and the affect on performance? Hint: you cannot damage a modern card with heat! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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