A hearty thanks for modding support added!

Yesterday I did my first mod using the new blueprint Modcontroller to modify an existing game item without editing the global item table and was able to finish the mod and test it in less than a few hours. Using the official CE Wiki Modding - Official Conan Exiles Wiki “How to modify DataTables and add RPCs without compatibility issues” for instruction made it easy. The added features to CE since official release that support forward compatible mods that no longer have to be remade every game update is outstanding. Huge benefit to the modders and mod users. It is no longer required for the server host to own a mega mod to allow mod maintenance and stability, and a mix of mods from any mod authors can be used. This is an example of a gportal non-official server that hosts nine mods:


Huge thanks! :heart_eyes:
Modders & mod users, plz like to show your support!

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