A hopeful request for the devs

I don’t know if devs read this forum or not, and I really doubt that anything will be changed at this point. But I want them to at least hear me. This is not “REMOVE MICROTRANACTIONS” doompost.

I am an avid fan of Conan universe in general and Conan Exiles in particular. I bought the game soon after I heard about it and then purchased all the DLCs all the while playing more than 340 hours and counting. Even though I don’t play multiplayer at all I am willing to pay regularly to enjoy single player experience with mods that he game offers. I usually played the game extensively over several days several times a year, but then put it off for some time only to start back again after purchasing all the DLCs that got released while I took a brake from the game. Thus if battlepass will replace DLC model I wouldn’t mind it at all. However, there is only one issue that I have with battlepass and its FOMO. Timed nature of battle-passes forces players to grind the game and play it like a job. And I know that most players won’t even notice since they play the game semi-regularly. But timed nature of battle-pass would inconvenience players like me who play the game occasionally and leave big brakes between playing it.
What I am asking is the ability to either purchase and progress through battlepass at our own pace. Something like this is already adopted in Halo Infinite: I played through season 1 battle pass even though season 2 was live.

I know it’s wishful thinking that this post will be considered by the devs, but what the hell.

Please add an ability to purchase and switch to previous battle-passes after the season ends after 3.0 relesases

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They’ve already told that re-releasing Battle Pass content for sale later is not going to happen, unless the feedback is overwhelmingly unanimous.

That said, with three-month seasons, even a casual player should be able to complete the Pass (or pay extra to reach those levels they didn’t have time to play for).

And based on the previews we’ve seen from the first season’s Pass contents, there isn’t much I couldn’t live without. So I’m thinking that I’ll just play the game, see if I manage to complete the Pass, and then purchase it towards the end of the season if I feel I’ve unlocked something worth paying for.

I’ve played enough games with daily tasks to know what it’s like when a game turns into a chore. It’s not a feeling for which I want to pay. Luckily, with Funcom’s model, I can play first and pay afterwards.


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