Battle Pass Suggesions

So I finished the battle pass. It was semi-enjoyable. It did give me some structure and some goals which was nice. I was a game designer once. I have really enjoyed playing Conan Exiles over the last couple of years. Here are two quick suggestions for the game. I play single player and not with a rented server so there will obviously be some complications applying one of these ideas to a multiplayer design.

  1. After Level 60 there should still be something to do/gain. Offer a loot box/food pellet that drops resources/items/crom coins (rare) etc. when opened every additional experience tier. This gives you something to keep playing for and doing challenges.

  2. Improve the Challenges. Add some quest chains with procedurally generated quests similar to the events. Expend the event system dramatically. Spawn the event in, give the player a marker on the map or a circle to look in. Go kill foozle, or recover the artifact, or whatever.

Can’t praise the team enough for the event system. It could be the foundation of something really great and add longevity to a great game.

P.S. Please add storage functionality to things in the bazaar like the alchemist cabinet. I would love to buy it but it needs to work. It’s not giving anybody an unfair advantage by making the cosmetic have a functionality like that. IMHO.


Great constructive feedback.


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