A Land UNDER the exiled lands

Game mode: Online private server
Type of issue: Performance | Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

Base location at Riversend, south of the lake. Purge starts … waiting. Our timer says 15min. 1st wave charges. At this point it’s RNG on which wave the enemys will spawn UNDER the world.

There’s a huge platform UNDER the mountain left and south of Riversend, where Archers can shot through the mountain and cannot be attacked 'cuz they are UNDER the world.

under_the_exiled_lands_3 under_the_exiled_lands_4 under_the_exiled_lands_5

Luckily we (I’m not admin) can use admin-mode to ghost under the world and kill the enemies on that underground plateau.
That’s annoying AF.
Could you please edit the world under the exiled lands or prevent purge enemies from spawning on such underworld plateaus ?
PS: I own the game and all DLCs - I have the right to demand my 0,1% influence to the game :yum:

  1. 3/3 players online to trigger purge
  2. wait 15min (our timer)
  3. fight 1-3 waves approaching on the “surface”
  4. wait for »random« wave and find out they have spawned under the “surface”

Used Mods (in following order):
¬ Less Building Placement Restrictions
¬ Pickup+
¬ Compass Icon
¬ Backpackviewer
¬ Level 250 Mod

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I wonder if this could be related to the other issue I posted.
Invisible NPC’s during Purge

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The Hollow Earth theory is true!

Bugged Purges aside, I wonder if such places could possibly be used to expand the map a little, since they don’t stretch the map’s horizontal borders. We already have caves that go underneath mountains and stuff. Poke more holes into mountains, sprinkle some monsters and treasure into those holes, and we could have some nostalgic 1980’s tabletop RPG moments in Conan Exiles.


Expanding the exiled lands with more dungeons, caves and/or taverns shall be fine. Moar rugged stony cavern filled with either goofy or shiny loot is good. But this is a huge (!) plateau. Spawning enemies here should be prevented … somehow ô.O
Or a jackhammer should be available …
Btw we placed some foundations on the whole plateau. Approx. 2000 foundations. Didn’t stop them. They were spawning on the foundations and start attacking them.

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