A major update now

I’ve only used officials for testlive, and even then the only ones that were decent were the PVE choices, but I still get so bored. A PVE-C Testlive would at least sate some of my PVP hunger by allowing me to build an arena. I don’t even want to think about going to Official Live servers because of the lack of restrictions and a distrust of others.

With so many private servers, it’s still a crap shoot as to which will be around for some time and with actual people. I’ve put months of work in just to see the population dwindle and ultimately get shuttered. The servers I’ve wanted to play on most are hampered by bad ping from being located ‘across the pond’. I still hold hope for finding a decent private server though, as they are much funner than officials with an air of fantasy and decent people.

Another level of polish (bug and AI fixes) and another round of added content (character creation additions and thrall commands) would greatly improve playability and keep people around longer.

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Halcyon, would you like to try playing on my server?? Sure, it’s modded, but it’s PvE, has great admins, and really great players. I know you’re not a fan of unofficials, but I would recommend giving it a try, if you’re at least willing. :slight_smile:

The only downside is that because of it’s popularity some of the best building spots are taken, but people are still finding new areas to build creative things on. Now it is set to x5 xp and x3 harvest, I believe, but we use the Age of Calamitous mod, so trust me when i say this, the harvesting yield is a good thing. lol


Well, so far I’ve not had good experiences with people in general.
I been lied to, betrayed, harassed, griefed and worse, despite respecting others and keeping the server a fun place actively.

All the good people save 2 have left. Only good decent people left active are @Mikey and Daria_the_Khalessi,
If those two are gone, then I’d be lonelier playing amongst savage cockroaches, than i would be on single player.

I know new people rarely make it past either level 9, lvl 20 or lvl 45, because the lvl 9ners don’t have a place to build from so much foundation spamming, the level 20s quit because they got purged before they could capture any thralls, because galleon is foundation spammed for miles and the lvl 45ers burn out from such a slow grind. Those who do make it to lvl 60 do so because they enjoy making my life miserable.

It’s a pure nightmare.

So yes. Cattibria has been doing it right, playing on single player all this while.

As for your offer necrobile; I’d love to take you up on that :slight_smile: If the newest update fails to justify the nightmare that are the official servers, i’ll come knocking :smiley: I’ll send you a msg.


I sent you the discord link anyway, just so you have it if you’re ever curious. :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t a fan of the Age of Calamitous mod in EA because it changed so many things and added even more, but now that all of the content has gotten easier (aside from boss monsters being damage sponges) it looks rather enticing. If you decide to take up Necro’s offer @Halcyon, I’m sure you’d appreciate the extra content that mod will provide for you. :grin:


The parity patch for PS4 has been out for weeks.

We already patched PS4 weeks ago


With the 2gb “patch” (instead of the 32gb) that changed absolutely nothing, and actually increased stuttering problems on PS4 PRO you mean ?
Oh yes, that one you patched.

The exploit in question was already being worked on but a bit tricky to properly fix. The timing had nothing to do with what was or wasn’t made public.

That was the normal parity patch and had the same content than the Xbox and PC one save some additional PS4 only fixes. We did however do optimization to decrease said patch to go through the Sony Cert.

I would kindly like to ask you to stop with the hyperbole. I trust everyone in this discussion is interested in adding to the conversation in a meaningful way.


Dera Tascha,
I am glad I finally got your attention, unfortunately the performance of the game on PS4 PRO has decresead after mentioned patch, several topics around the forum have stressed this point out, the stuttering is extremely frustrating to the point that players have to remove doors as “escamotage” to decrease such problem moving around bases, even small ones.
The game on PS4 PRO runs with very poor performances, still.
The only reason why I keep stressing this out using what you call hyperboles, is that we love the game, and we would like to have it working properly, or at least properly for the full retail price we paid for it, not as an early access.
Playing the game without having to lose our inventory, and all the hours spent to collect it, everytime we run off a cliff due to stuttering would be the minimum requirement.
Sorry if this irritates you, believe me, is way more irritating for PS4 PRO users.


I understand that frustration is born out of passion for the game.

We are aware that both Consoles have performance issues and we are actively working on improvements in that regard. Once the TestLive patch hits Live on consoles it should have improvements in that regard :slight_smile:

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And what about the systemic problems that plague everybody playing? Thralls that stand there when a purge happens. Archers trying to attack things several blocks below them with a melee weapon?

And not to mention the deliberate things like the game itself offline raiding people on official servers. Have a full purge meter for two weeks and the game decides to pick the night I have to delay being on an hour because I was late cooking dinner to spawn a purge and destroy a huge structure because my defenders couldn’t be bothered to defend it.

That is only “part of the meta” if “the meta” is “drive people away”.

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Let me direct you to this post a few hours ago in an AI Overhaul for NPC's. Elsewhere, it was verified that AI work will be done in tandem with purge reworking. The issues definitely are being looked into, it just feels very slow from the end users perspective. There is no [Fix All] button, so they do what they can. Another post today spoke of getting monthly patches containing bug fixes.

I have to agree with you on offline raiding, so I try to play on private servers with rules against that.


Offline raiding by people is one thing. Having the Purge mechanic do it is quite another and it is extremely irritating. . Frankly that is the last major issue I have with this game. It is the reason why, since launch, at least one member of our clan has been on for the entire purge window, with a couple of exceptions as long as we have had a purge eligable meter.

Out of maybe four times someone has been late? Two of them we got hit.

Woo, thanks for the link. That’s exciting.

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Funcom’s been saying this :poop: since launch and before. This patch “Should improve”, well, we will have to take your word for it! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s also been said that things are “fixed” but players say they are literally “still broken” or “re-broken” if you read the forums. Good times :wink:


Ok. I see. You deleted your post. Alright… so do I.

I am SOOOO looking forward to both AI Overhaul for NPCs and Purge Reworking. Those elements encompass my favorite parts of Conan Exiles. I’d take those elements over Pets, new dungeons, or even new DLC any day.

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The video left me horrified and awestruck. But hey, if it works and we get some hotfixes to quickly cover up them exploits, then by all means, lol. Those are some serious issues that need addressed sooner than later, and if it takes shedding public light on it makes it get top priority, then I guess that’s what should be done. I was a very big proponent for fixing the core of the game over superfluous added content.

Again, these are not major update fixes, but serious exploits that need hotfixed ASAP. My reference to AI was what would actually be part of a major content update (and more essential to regular gameplay than pets or a new dungeon). After seeing several other games reviewed recently, my confidence is shaken in UE4’s ability to sustain good AI, but we shall see how it all plays out.

Yes, we have far too many servers leftover from launch (and not of the highest quality). We knew hype would die down and most would go dead, but there was no real good option. Either make people mad by not having enough space for weeks, or shut some down later and let a lot of peoples structures get wiped.

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To be technical, the USA has the USAB (USA Basketball) which is sort of like the FA for Basketball in the USA. The NBA is not even like the Premier League. The NBA is a private club of teams who form a league. They make their own rules, this is how the NFL got the version of Rugby they ended up with (not at all the same thing). There are other professional basketball leagues in the USA each of which is also a private club of teams.

The analogy falls apart because there is no analogy to Funcom in American basketball.

In any case it is in Funcom’s interest to fix issues related to bugs and cheating. I farmed New Asagard for weeks then I found out Njoror Battleborn was bugged and that the bug had existed for a while and had been fixed internally but not included in a recent hotfix. That goes to character and competence and my faith in their ability to fix any of the other issues.

And this is where I disagree. If I want the legislative branch to enact stricter laws for example I don’t go around and commit certain crimes and teach others how to do it aswell. In addition Tascha clearly stated here that this is not how FUNCOM works. They fix what they can fix and release it when it’s done.

Why do I mix up content with exploiting and bugfixing or bring them in relation? Because you can add content to the game but it will be based on a foundation that seems to be weak. By now people are wondering how different exploits still exist or come back by using the same or similar steps.