A message for new game producer: Scott Junior

I’m absolutely happy with the news, Conan was in desperate need of someone to coordinate the game, and I’ve been saying this a lot in the official forum, the game is incredible, but there’s someone who needs to balance the gameplay, what to do on a daily basis, long-term.

I have been playing this game for 3 years and I have about 3,000 hours played, I bought all the DLCs sold, precisely because I felt that I “owe” return and investment to the game that I love and play so much, but at the same time I always felt that it is not a lot done by me in the sense of keeping me playing, this is where I always see Conan gaining popularity and then immediately falling again, you do not arrest the players and this is terrible, it is terrible for us who are fixed that we stay " alone "again, it is horrible for new players who leave the game and do not stay active end up losing their bases in the decay and never coming back and it is terrible for the game that needs yet another gigantic effort to try to call again public attention lost after months.

I hope this Scott Junior is the person that I said so much that the game needed, the person that will create new things, and we don’t talk about big things, just new things, something to do between major updates, new missions, items specials to be conquered that week doing something, EVENTS mainly events, you need to strive to keep us busy, with something, as I said I have literally done more than 100 times the 3 “good” dungeons in the game, and this is terrible, it’s terrible that I get into the game that I love and just visit my 2 bases, “Supremeru” and “Vulção” just so they don’t decay and leave, for days and days because I’ve done so little of everything to do.

Beginning players even think that the game has a lot to do, but for us fixed players DON’T HAVE, everything is very fixed and static in the game, there are no changes, you know everything in your head, but when there is something new it is so incredible, but they are VERY, VERY RARE moments.

I hope Scott has in his mind how much Conan could still grow, he could still retain and keep his players fixed by playing and winning new players by adding, not by going up and down.

Conan has an incredible “base”, all the gameplay is very good, the game needs a lot of adjustments especially in the sense of leaving the “fixed spaw” of a story type game that you only spend once in that place and get a spwawn from the NPCs in style “open world” not fixed in points but in areas and with activities that justify it is there and not waiting for you.

I was very happy with the news, the news of the fighting Slaves and horses is no longer a conflict, this is the right way, I thought it strange that nothing was mentioned about the possibility of guiding the horse by the mouser and not by the keyboard, many people, even I have difficulty in guiding by the keyboard and that makes it extremely laborious and tiring and I don’t need the process of riding a horse for us, it is a real motor requirement of great and unnecessary need, especially when I want to play and not work to ride a horse .

I conclude by leaving my hug, I really hope that you really move this game, that I take care of the gameplay a lot by adding news, events, items or things like that between the big updates, this is certainly what we most expect from you to feel that someone is taking care of the gameplay, what to do and how long it will “last” because whenever you add something new in the game there are some days that it is incredible, then we no longer get sick and want to do something else, sorry for the text soon but I really wanted to plant that thought, because at the end of everything when it comes to the game, the main thing is to make it play, and what are we going to play this week?

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And you think, someone completely new will be faster with balancing, compared to others, because of WHAT exactly? :smiley:

Realmente você tocou nos pontos que todos desejamos… Parabéns por isso… Eu vejo outros jogos que acompanham a modalidade de conan, compor exemplo ARK, eles tem o sistema de eventos, e sempre estão adicionando mapas, áreas ou pets novos, isso faz com que as pessoas não abandone a franquia. Conan é um jogo que gostei desde o início e também tenho todas as DLC´s, espero que adicionem mais conteúdo e que tornem o jogo mais “vivo”, com eventos ou xp em dobro para evoluir lacaios por exemplos, já que eles tem agora xp. Em fim… acho que conan pode ser mais do que já é.

I think yes! I’m sure someone new can give a new direction to the game, I’ve been clamoring for it here on the forum, that the game needs to have a producer that takes care of the gameplay, nothing else I am seeing the addition of what I asked for, and I’m very happy about it.

It’s not just a new man, in December with the last addition of novelty to the game, which has already been 3 months (3 months funcom without news?), Returning in December Conan had a very high turnover, and a high number of players , that’s when they saw that this really still has potential, that’s probably why they added this “new man”, because they saw how cool news can make the game still profitable, to the point of being almost half of the company’s revenue.

I think funcom should focus on YOUR GAME, Conan, it is very difficult and practically impossible for a non-gigantic company to score more than 1 game, as an example of Wild Card with ARK, we all always talk about ARK because it is certainly a game we also play who likes the style of survival and open world, construction, taming … and YES as the guy said up there, ARK is a great example of how they always create something to do, to look at, to collect and always have something new, even if it is a silly thing, we enter the game to see what it is, and that already creates “something to do” in those next days.

Conan is a game that was very plastered, very still, until today there was only one halowen event, that the meteors fall, and it was interesting, it was not something incredible but it was something different, I went in to see what it was, what I came on the meteors and for 2 or 3 days it amused me, and guess what, that event was never repeated afterwards, that is, the new players NEVER know this single event.

What this new producer needs to work on is the information that players are not the ones who need to adapt to the “speed / schedule” that a game intends to work on, on the contrary it is the game that needs to adapt to what players need to maintain playing, as I said, it’s not adding a dungeon a week, it’s planning, ok guys we’re going to add 3 dungeons or 4 this year 2020, we need to know that we have an interval of 3 or 4 months between each major launch, who will you work on the small news that will fill this period ?, what will the players play after the first week of the dungeon?, because in 1 week everyone has already done the dungeon about 4 times and that news died for these people, eventually in the future it can until you come back, but for 99% nobody ever likes to watch a repeated movie.

We don’t know if Scott Junior will be this guy who will give the game what it needs, organization and a constant flow of news, merging big, medium and small, but it is at least what we expect from him.

What will be your Scott?

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