Developers think about game content creators

Surely I as well as the whole community is “scared” in 3 days the game completes 4 MONTHS with no additions, NOTHING new in the game, just an error correction, error correction is nothing new.

Now Scott Junior, imagine if this is terrible, frustrating for us players imagine for the content producers, Conan has incredible content producers about the game, and these certainly help to keep the game healthy, help us to see news, give us ideas to do in the game, and better items to look for … in short, the content producers acted the community.

For some time, Clash Royale suffered a lot from this, the lack of news caused an absurd crisis of views on youtube about the game and 90% of the creators of clash royale content migrated to other games to survive, that’s when they they adore a mass and “safe / constant” policy of updates and news, balances … new letters, and this gave the creators the possibility to create content and videos that caught people’s attention, after all, all human beings are interested in news, this is natural.

Now imagine Scott Junior as it is being for Conan’s content creators to have to develop videos for 4 months without having ANYTHING NEW, just asking questions, this is very sad, it is even sadder that I see channels for Conan Exiles trying to score other games .

Conan doesn’t have a lot of content, it’s not a game that came out full of content and new additions are a “bonus”, NOT IN ANY WAY, Conan is a game that needs constant additions, since in almost 4 years only 3 have been added dungeons, and that’s content for 1 week of play.

I keep repeating, I hope Scott Junior is having access to my messages, we community, and content creators we don’t want 1 new map per month, or a new dungeon per month, but you need to organize, organization is everything:

LARGE - MEDIUM - SMALL novelties

Organized in a way that does not leave the game 4 months without ANYTHING new, this is very serious in a game that must be played constantly so as not to lose its bases in decay, as I always say Conan is an incredible game, you built an incredible base , but we still needed to populate this world, create what to do, create mechanics of “repeated gameplay” that apply many hours of gameplay.

This is not a hate message, my messages are never hate messages, they are always a “reality check” you need to organize yourself or the game will die in this update policy when I want to and you can manage to play my game alone, no it has to be like that, people do not have to accept that the “funcom” does not care for the players, and that is what everyone thinks, this is very sad, try to change that.

At least that’s what everyone expects Scott Júnior to do, and he hasn’t done it yet!

oh come on, they just quit faster paced content introduction in favor of better QA and I approve
last year brought a lot of content as well as crushing issues, so thanks but no thanks
I’d rather have less but going smoothly instead of a’lot with whole system FUBAR


Your text is of such a deep depth, it is of such a comfortable and relaxed reality, wanting to interpret my text as “it is constant and organized between large, medium and small updates” will make it full of error it is even an insult to intelligence and funcom’s ability.

This is not how we should see the world, with pessimism, comfort and without persisting for improvements, be more positive and confident.


I’m fine with this… the game is unplayable on ps4. I want a working game. If i could undo patches and go back to mid last year when it was running really good, I would.

I’m fine with Quarterly content myself, or twice a year… I need a game that doesnt blue screen, or hic up when i fire a bow for 3 seconds. =/

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I am also pretty happy with them focusing on error correction while working on the part 2 of the follower’s update and the new map.

I wish they could somehow manage to improve the situation on the official servers. All the issues there bring really bad publicity for otherwise a great game. New content is nice but having the issues ironed is far more important from my perspective.

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IMO too many things got stuck in queue last year to be fixed over a quarter or two, Funcom would have to double their coders workforce to achieve better results and that is also not a simple matter, such employees need to be found and employed which takes time and need time to adjust and implement to existing environment provided they’re already experienced this may take about quarter, longer if not
and I’m purposely avoiding economical aspect of such endeavor so I don’t expect any content storm this year neither I expect bug queue to be addressed any faster heck since they move slower to uphold better QA it’s going to be exact opposite, quality accepts only one type of currency and it is time

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that’s far from correct:

PC Patch (10.03.2020) - Update 39 Followers I: Followers Management System, AI fixes and more!

and the follower management systems is not only a bugfix

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Regarding the addition of the followers panel, THIS IS NOT SOMETHING NEW TO PLAY, we don’t play a follower panel, this is a management that should already be in the game.

I am not trying to be pessimistic, as I said I am fully aware that in a real world big news will not always be added, that’s why I always talk about the ORGANIZATION, having big, medium and small news about gameplay, that’s what makes the game be played, things to do.

Organizing a conscious schedule of news is just that, managing intelligently that a certain time will be used for corrections, a certain time will be used for large additions and that time will be filled by mediums and even small additions of what to do in the game.

You need to have a lot of intelligence to interpret an intelligent way of working, and the intelligent way is precisely to foresee the basic needs of the game and the players, that is to think intelligently, making the fanboy does not help at all, or the conformed pessimist, it is not what I hope for the future of the game.

I as a person who likes the game as much as fanboys and I still have a critical and realistic view, not only me but everyone who likes the game, but even so they point out mistakes and do not make it a cause for hate, but a request for improvement, it is this audience that needs to be heard, listening to praise is great, and I always do it too, but listening to constructive criticism is what enriches any company.

This is not a direct criticism of anyone, it is just a thought!

and you assume that Funcom doesn’t have any development and/or content release plan in palce?

no need to scream and it did not makes you initial statement more valid :man_shrugging:

it is one thing to express one’s thoughts, but something completely different to back them up with exaggerated or false statements. to be honest: after your first sentence with the proven false statement I did not give the rest the attention it might have deserved but that’s what happens when you want to make lurid statements instead of shining with real arguments and/or concerns

to make it clear: yes i see the current lack of information as a real problem as well, but i don’t think that currently nothing at all is being done about conan exiles. we’re just back to where we’re arriving again and again in the course of time: zero information and 100% absence on all official channels. every few days a re-tweet on twitter, otherwise absolute silence. later we will hear some promises to do it better in the future… but well…

we hope so! now with the addition of the content producer, this is exactly what we hope and want, and we are excited for it to work! it was a clear demonstration that funcom recognized the “mistake” and set out to “change / improve” and this is quite possible.

When you don’t believe anymore, you don’t expect improvement!

well, those content creators have something to test now :slight_smile:


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