A PVE Decay System Duration topic :)

I play on a PVE server, Siptah, since day 1. Was quite happy at how I build a whole Yamatai town surrounding a 40x40 pyramid. Overall 10k + pieces.
Took a “break” for the last month as I completed all available content, and only logged in weekly to reset the decay. Last night I was 3 hours late, to find only my pets and thralls were left. The event log showed looting started right when decay system kicked in and was completed about half an hour before I logged in. And, well, it is what it is now…
I was wondering if the decay system can wait longer on PVE servers, to help players that invested hundreds of hours of harvesting and building. The only thing that made me feel bad was how I lost 300+ hours of work for being late for 3 hours…
Any chance the decay system duration has been considered?


The decay system is tremendously demotivating. I used to have plans to build wonderful things, but I no longer care - the thought of farming and farming and farming to build something that will be trashed if I fail to log in for a mere week just makes me feel like it’s not worth it. I totally understand that some sort of decay system is important, but 100% loss in 168 hours is ridiculous. Decay timer should be longer and you should have some recovery of materials. There also really needs to be some sort of long-term storage option other than body vaulting.



maybe we should wait for ppl to return from holidays and see if this gets picked up…

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