A Question Regarding Knockback

While recently discussing some potential combat improvements with another member, the issue of knockback came up. I am wondering, can anyone can tell me if we currently have any weapons which have a (respectable) knockback effect, and if so, which ones? Im singleplayer offline. I have tried quite a few so far, but nothing as of yet. This is why:

I have always wanted a knockback move. If I am fighting an enemy near a cliff…I would love to be able to knock or kick them off the edge. :smiling_imp:

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The Axes Heavy attacks have a bit of knockback, as well as the combined shield bash if equipped.

Although neither really give a great distance more of a knock to the ground but that seems to be the best you can get with the current combos and moveset.

Edit: Correction posted below by @TheLOLxd2.



Yeah its looking like Shields are the best on offer in the knockback department thus far.

@TheLOLxd2 Very humorous indeed! :slight_smile: The first clip is essentially what Im trying to achieve, although it appears to be tricky to pull off. It would be great if we could tweak the seldim used Kick to give it a good level of knockback. This game needs more of knocking npcs off of cliffs! I vote it.

Me 2.

Thankyou for the support Wolfbane. We should never underestimate just how much fun it is to knock an npc off a cliff. And fun is what its all about my friend. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

WIth an 1h axe, use, right click, left click, left click, right click. The last right click sends them flying or knocks them down. Thats the best I have personally seen so far. Its a pretty decent knockback.

While Im not on pc @dakka, Im guessing that that combination would be heavy, light, light, heavy? Yeah I do actually use an axe fairly often. I see it as more of a knockdown as opposed to a knockback myself, however I tend to agree with you. Furthermore, it is probably the best candidate I have used thus far. I will try the combo you suggested, and also the mace and the shield methods used in the videos above.

Ah yea, sorry my bad. But yes thats it:

Heavy, Light, Light, Heavy attack

Not a problem. Will see what we can make happen on the Black Galleon next time I play.

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