A server owner from China has something to say

The following text is from the translation software, so I can’t guarantee the accuracy of the expression.

I’d like to say a little bit about this game update, which also represents the majority of the more than 2000 people in my social software.

For me, it’s completely difficult for me to understand why it’s not possible to connect two maps through a transport node.

It’s really disappointing.

It took me three years to run a server with so many players.

But most of them will have to lose their data just because of one update. Even if they’ve worked for hundreds of days.
As a server owner, I had to choose between keeping the original data and opening a new map.

This is a kind of torture, I believe that no matter how I choose, I will lose some players.

For a long time, I open the server to players in the form of public welfare.

The players supported me, stayed in my social group, and we became friends.

But now I have to lose some people because I can’t buy another server for this.

I don’t know who made such a bad decision.

Although I may still buy this DLC, it does not mean that I support this practice!

I believe many people do.

If you only care about money and ignore the feelings of players, I think more people will join in the boycott of the game.
This is the voice of Chinese players.


because something is not available on the first day does not mean it will never be available. now we get a new map in the first step, maybe some new mod maps soon and then we will see what the future brings.


Do you mean Funcom, or am I missing your point? Without a context it’s a little difficult to interpret just one word.

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