New map same problems?

Haven’t played for awhile. Are chinese hackers still going to be a problem going into this new expansion or

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Sure, why not? You want funcom to block their sales from china?

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No just region lock servers like they were before heres a screen from a typical EU server I took this morning, Last time I brought up the subject of Re-region locking it, the thread was locked for discrimination/racism lol.

if EU players wanted to play with cheating chinese zergs we would select Asian servers, these people also pay less for the game.

I would expect all of the existing problems will be on the new map. I’m not sure why anyone would expect anything else.


It’s not racist to want to be able to communicate with other players. Technically, China has about double the population of Europe. And if you only count English speaking countries, it’s several times the population. That effectively means that by allowing China access to these servers, it risks flooding, and overwhelming local players regarding the ability to communicate. Now I won’t say communication will solve all the problems. (It won’t) But being able to speak to someone can make a big difference, positive or negative, in how you interact. Id very much like to see a basic ./auto translate feature in Conan Exiles. It does not even have to be good, just basic stuff that lets people pick apart the dialogue and get the gist of the conversation. I will keep dreaming, it would prolly be a bit of an effort or require the licensing of certain software. Dunno if Funcom is willing to do that. We also have to remember that Tencent purchased a large part of Funcom recently. And they are a China based company.


Or what? You think they found a way to stop people from hacking?

Let’s start handing out Nobel prizes here, that’s a monumentous feat; no agency, government or private has ever been able to completely stop hacking.


A better option would have your governments block or better yet sever all connections made from there. But that’s getting close to discussing politics which I’m sure we cannot do here.

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Why would you do that? 'Cause some don’t wanna play with other people assuming they’re hackers? That’s just stupid.

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Yes yes, I almost made the mistake of returning for the expansion. Frankly after trying testlive changes and seeing all the same old bugs from one year ago, it only gets worse, probably the testlive servers gonna be DDOSed on the launch day too, like the official servers are frequently.

But you haven’t even tried it

Did we play the same testlive??

I am still on the fence to be honest, I like the game but somethings wear me down: the opening cinematic still glitched, the invisible ghosts nobody can fix, the invisible sandstorms and the very bright sandstorms that do nothing and yet nobody can fix.

I really have an issue understanding those problems. You people most likely don’t play alone. Just take your friends, waste a few €/$ and get a server for yourself and open a community. 90% of the problems are solved with that.
It’s a cheap investment that improves your CE life by 100% and there are almost no reasons to complain anymore.

I have a game girl, players for life.

We had a server a year ago or so.

We are here to play, not hours of admin.

Now we play on other’s servers and help them with stuff we know about admin.

can’t talk about testlive, but live still has plenty of bugs that were present a year ago… I doubt they suddenly fixed it all on testlive

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