Official EU servers

Funcom asks you to block Chinese players from accessing European servers


They can use a VPN :woman_shrugging:

You’re absolutely right, but would it be possible to ban vpn on officials?
I also play on an official EU server where there are many chinese players, and they are building gigantic bases, I mean literally several map tiles completely covered in foundations, it is not like it is just a bunch of foundations to claim land, they have built real structures, but the size… Oh man… I have a beafy gaming pc, but even my computer struggle when I am near their gigantic cities :joy:

But the real question is why are they playing on EU servers?
I mean I could understand it if their own servers were full or maybe they just want to fight some europeans in pvp, but the server I play on is pve :face_with_monocle:

But I agree with OP, regional servers should be for players of that region, there must be a way to ensure that :slight_smile:

Or just lower the ping cap to 140 again. It worked great after it was implemented.
The huge cries went down to a few whispers.
It is true they can use a VPN but I doubt many do or know how.
I could never access the EU servers before they raised the cap, and I live in the western US, but now I can. The question is, should I be able to do that.


Direct connect bypasses the ping restriction so not a solution either and those who want to exploit and grief will find a way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Funcom’s shareholder is chinese, so they will not block chinese players on eu servers :slight_smile:

The best is a ping limit, and not allow vpn connections.


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