A whole package of Bugs

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I seeing dozen of players include a lot of friends that gave up to play this game because the Bugs. We spend time and money to try have some good experience and we are rewarded with the same frustrating ridiculous bugs that never are fixed. Im really feeling frustrated and disrespected by Funcom and very very regretful to trash my money away buying DLCs…

1 - Pets and thrall that stuck on scenario and dont follow us, dont attack enemy or that die stucked in palisade ignoring our movement command
2 - The game Freeze when we open the map or menu or take the fire torch
3 - Enemies that teleport or freezing on combat
4 - Render problems
5 - Char died starved because the game dont recognized that we logout.
6 - After last update, the crash number increased
7 - After last update, enemies spawning inside your base on the purge
8 - Thrall or Pet disappear after we crash and back to the game or after we die and back to the spot.
9 - Weapon missing when we select to our hand
10 - Bugs when we try construct builds.

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I get literally 3/4 of these bugs and I play single player.

Yes, is ridiculous that we have 3 years of same bugs and they doing nothing to fix… Only launch DLC slot machines to take our money and dont fix eve the single player…

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