Ability to export your base / content / character

Hello exiled friends… I have a suggestion! Maybe this is already possible somehow, but I can’t seem to find it.

I think it would be fantastic if Funcom implemented the ability to export your base, thralls, placeables and perhaps character as a means to simply save the world you’ve built for yourself in the exiled lands. Exporting should be possible irrespective of what server you are on, and include exclusively content that is ‘Owned’ by yourself, including modded content.

Once you have exported your world, it would then of course only be possible to load it in offline mode, as re-introducing your content into other servers is clearly a no-go. No assurances could ever be given about the compatibility of your save with future versions of the game, or any exported mod based content, however that could be dealt with by exception.

The reasons I think this would be a valuable feature

  1. Losing your base and world, whether it’s from in game mechanics such as purges, PVP damage, decay etc, or admin actions such as server wipe or discontinuation just downright sucks. Of course it’s valid and important specifically regarding in-game mechanics, but that doesn’t negate the significance of losing something you’ve put a lot of time and love into. Being able to export then means you have the ability to revisit and enjoy your old world once again.

  2. I suspect there are a lot of people who either play offline, exclusively PVE (myself included), or with reduced effort applied to building bases in order to negate said risks. For those where this is true, being able to export would then hopefully make them feel more willing to dive deeper into the game, ultimately a good thing for Funcom and the community.

  3. This would make it far less of a *!#%fight for admins who need to wipe servers, because the repercussions would be less severe. Of course wipes suck big time, but sometimes they do need to happen, and this would make it a far easier pill to swallow for those who have invested enormous amounts of time into the game.

  4. This would be a really helpful way of trying out new ideas for your base without being destructive.

I guess the way I think about it is that with virtually any other game I play, or with any digital work I do IRL, I am always able to revisit older saves, and this provides assurance and comfort. Ultimately, given that base and world building makes CE one of the most unique, enjoyable and immersive games I have ever played, it seems ironic and unfortunate that it is also the one game where you might just lose everything at the drop of a hat!

Ok, suggestion made :slight_smile:


Although it is not listed as a feature CE in the respect you describe is more like a permadeath mode, I only play offline or on my private server, far to many exploits and dubious ladies and gents, if PVP was without the duping, exploits, undermeshing etc then losing a base to raiding would be down to real factors, design, guards etc and that is far easier to deal with. Learning from past mistakes on design builds, base layout etc would be great.


Yeah, I agree completely. You’ve actually reinforced my point I believe, which is to say that anything that improves the experience and sense of trust playing online will be a benefit for all. There are too many reasons to play offline and in doing so miss out on some of the best aspects of the game entirely (the community, shared world experience etc). I used to play offline, but online is that much more enjoyable if you find a good server, but then that comes with it’s own whole different set of problems and risks.

i liket 8]

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Utopia my friend, utopia. Yes we have great aspects for this game but for the moment we have to try 5 times to put the roof pieces correct XD. Nice thought for the real far future thow.

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I agree this would be a neat feature. Technically not impossible either, though not trivial given the lack of a proper ’account’ system.


What do you mean by an account system @Mikey?

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