Able to change Thrall attitude

I have been in all kinds of servers on Conan Exiles. Roleplay, official, modded, ect. In every single one of them, I wish I could change the way Thralls interact with the world and other players. I think it would be nice to add a way to change the Thralls attitude toward outsiders. For example, in Ark you change your dinosaurs to Neutral, Hostile, or passive. Could we possibly have that for our thralls? Maybe there is but I haven’t seen it. IF there isn’t I do think it would be a nice change so if I want thralls for decor instead of function or to help me fight beasts (Several times I will bring beasts back to my thralls and they will just stare blankly into the horizon completely ignoring me and my need of help.). Thank you for your time :slight_smile:



I agree, this needs to be implemented as I’m not able to have my in game “Allies” from other clans come take a tour/visit to my base, that is mainly due to my thralls auto attacking them. We need to be able to change thralls status to one of the 3 things:

  1. Passive/Peaceful: Here they won’t attack anything even if a player attacks them or their owner. (in case a player wanted to RP slavery).

  2. Neutral: Here they will only attack if they see in game mobs/thralls (basically defense pve mode)

  3. Aggressive: Here this should be what they are currently in. Attacking everyone and anything that comes near that isn’t their owner.