About agent boost pack being odd

I found the boost pack is a bit of odd
First of all,for example,SA agent boost pack,they make meta weapon like ksr agent a rare drop which I had toon of them by opening packs,but make bottom weapon fist/ele agents as epic drop,which after lots packs opened,I did not got a Mehmet Muzaffer.This is strange,and not right in my opinión.They just make non-meta weapon more dificult and meta weapon more easy,encouraging ppl to murder build diversity.
Second,I wondering what happened with the epic drop rate.I opened few hundred of normal boost and sa boost,never saw a epic agent drop,and never got a red agent equipment.Yes you can sale stuff for hex coin but,seriously…200 coin for a random epic agent and 500 coin for a random red equipment,this is just…well,I dont know.I dont complain about its Price,I spent thousands of euros and I dont care.I just complain at how its mechanic being unrewardful prevended more ppl from buying it and is pushing way more extreme to the unbalance of weapons…
If anyone,would like to see how the drop rate was?if enough ppl want,I make a video about opening boost and you ppl Will see why I say all this.

Back when agents were released RoseQuix opened maybe a thousand and got ~3 epic agents so yeah the drop rate is pretty pathetic. But the normal rewards are so worthless that it doesn’t matter anyway because nobody uses agent booster.


Because some agents for certain weapon 150 critpower 7% weapon damage is ONLY available in agent booster…

Yeah the rng really seems strange…

I waited till I had all the agents that could purchase via the AH or find in game then used hex coins to get the remaining ones that were bag exclusive, that way your garunteed to get the ones your looking for.