Results from opening 25 Freemason Agent Boosters

Since they’re on sale for half price and I was therefore only going to get gouged 50% as much as usual, I took a punt on 25 boosters, these are the results, presented in the laziest way possible :v:
Opening the gear bags gave this, none of which is of any use to anybody:
So 25 hexcoins from the gear bags, and another 8 from the duplicate agents. I previously didn’t actually own any of the Freemason agents, so getting 6 of those is nice but since you can’t actually buy those dossiers from the Shadow Trafficker it means there’s serious diminishing returns on these boosters if you’re trying to complete your collection.

Still, 6 new agents and 33 hex coins isn’t terrible but it’s definitely not something I’d pay full price for or buy regularly. It’s absolutely laughable if your aim is to ever afford a single legendary gear bag from the Trafficker though :v:

How many agent bux did you get for vending the junk?



Yeah, it’s not much at all when you look at the price of stuff on that vendor.

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Thanks for the info.

I just got 9 agents, one was purple, and I could only use two of them.

Agent Boosters have always had terrible drop rates. Though I’m almost surprised with how well you did. The shear costs involved to actually get every agent, not to mention the legendary items is just absurd. But this has always been this way, in SWL, and with similar systems in AoC. Funcom isn’t likely to ever change it to be slightly reasonable unfortunately, so I can never see myself actually buying any.