Agent vanity bags only giving shards

Since the Agent System launched I’ve gotten 4 vanity bags. Bag 1 dropped the Shocking Steps sprint, and Bag 2 dropped the platinum fist blades skin.

Bags 3 and 4 have dropped only 1000 shards each.

Just checking if is this a bug? I get the feeling they would only drop shards for duplicate skins, and it seems highly unlikely that out of 9 platinum skins, I would land the same one 3 times in a row.

Odds are 1 in 729, so it’s probably happened for a few players by now.

Well, given just how frequently people seem to get duplicates of the same agents in a batch of just 5 or 10 boosters, it actually seems fairly likely the RNG for anything agent-related is broken and/or rigged.

Nice confirmation bias. Also, note that messing up RNG on purpose requires some good extra amount of coding compared to just putting down the usual pseudo RNG, highly doubt Funcom would do an extra effort for absolutely no purpose.

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I don’t want to alarm you, but the SWL player base really is a bit small for it being reported this often to be confirmation bias. Well, unless a lot more people than actually admit to it are buying hundreds and hundreds of boosters.

Also, this is the same Funcom that still hasn’t officially admitted 200 Hexcoin bags potentially just eliminating 100-200 dollar’s worth of Hexcoins is a bit customer unfriendly, let alone actually gone and changed that. They’ve given me precious little reason to think they would not have also copied the rigged RNG from whatever scammy Asian browser MMO inspired the booster monetization in the first place.

Both Korea and Japan have laws requiring companies to post the odds of getting any specific result from random gacha draws. If Funcom copied those practices, we wouldn’t be guessing what the odds are, we could look them up on Funcom’s website.

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I doubt Funcom’s going to be the company to start adopting Japanese practices in the west. The agent system feels more inspired by Chinese practices, unfortunately.

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Thanks for confirming what i’ve been saying. I got that you’re salty, but i’m just getting slightly triggered by your random insinuations about rigged RNG when you actually have no proof of anything. You just attempt to drop a random claim about people reporting have rigged RNG. I myself have the opposite experience. Does it make my claim any valid? Certainly not, it’s just as anecdotal as any other claims without data.

So again, you have the right to be salty about booster packs actually giving duplicates instead of smart rewarding you the agents you don’t have, and i’ll support this complain myself, but don’t try to throw random claims to justify your request - lying is bad, see?

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