Agent Booster Packs [suggestion]

I don’t know if this has been said before, im going to call it a [suggestion rant] as it has both

I’m writing about Agent Boosters. My recent experience with them has now put me off buying them completely. I had been converting my MoF to Aurum to buy blocks of 10 Agent Booster packs.

Out of 10 Boosters; Last week I got two agent dossiers and I got three out of this weeks batch. This would have been fantastic if they weren’t ones I already had. Yep all 5, actually I should say both as I got two Dennis Masuhlo’s from last week and two more from this week (plus an Ann Thophora). As I only have 3 agents from the list of possible drops (7). I would have expected two of the total to be useful I certainly wouldn’t have expected 4 of them to be the same. Of cause the 42 Hex Coins I converted my bag returns into are slim conselation as they wont buy anything worth having and even when I can purchase something that may be useful (like epic gear) I would already have acquired all that I can use (which I already have).

I think if I am trading hard earned resources (or paying money) then these bags need to be more useful and less annoying. I think you’d agree, my experience of using them should be positive and not leave me feeling resentful and disappointed. Booster packs by their very nature have a finite customer attraction. so how about making it a more attractive one (and a more positive experience) . Take a leaf from the event bags and remove already acquired agents from the list of drops, by all means reduce the drop chance but don’t give me 4 of the same agent in a row (i feel like I’m being trolled). I’d be much more incentivised to buy bags if I knew I had a chance of getting something useful rather than spending arround 460,000 MoF on 42 Hex Coins.


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