Agent Booster ideas

Aside from the obvious reasons, agent boosters will not be a major commodity for long. Eventually people will stop buying them, or at least very many of them.

I propose a few simple additions to the agent booster category, which are more appropriate to the name Agent Booster.
Each of these would be one time boosters consumed by a single mission. The cost would be lowish, around 20 - 50 aurum each, to promote repeated usage rather than expensive only use it when desperate viability.

  • experience boosters (+25% ~ +100%)
  • increase in stat boosters (+5 ~ +50)
  • Fatigue reduction boosters (-2% ~ -20%)
  • reduction of mission duration boosters (-10% ~ -25%)
  • item drop chance increase boosters (~25%)
  • ignore mission resource boosters
  • reroll reward boosters

The more impactful ones could be available for hexcoins only and lesser versions of some could be world drops (like belts, caches).

Just throwing totally off the wall random ideas out there for fun.

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I’m in agreement with you there. I like the idea of more varied options too.

Buying boosters and getting dupe agents/good gear that you can’t even pass to alts is annoying at best - how about ALL of the booster stuff be account bound? The point is to keep people engaged and playing right? Geared up multiple characters might be an idea…

Trading hex coins in for an agent that is a dupe is annoying too. It cost 20 hex coins and sells back for 4? WTF???

I get the RNG of lock boxes, but when you feel like you’re getting something regardless - maybe not what you want, but something useful, I’ll assume people are more likely to buy them again. Definitely doesn’t make me want to spend $$$ on booster packs getting useless dupes way to often.


SWL’s lack of account-bound stuff or an account bank makes it one of the least alt-friendly games I’ve played and puts me off creating more characters. It would be great to chuck those distillates over to low-level alt for instance. The idea of levelling up a bunch of agents for a 2nd or 3rd time without my main helping them out seems daunting to say the least.

That being said, it’s not like the game needs you to have alts beyond a handful of faction missions so if they’re not trying to encourage it (our only PvP isn’t faction based), maybe they’re fine with that. The cross-faction style of agent missions does rather imply that is their direction.

As a result, I’d settle for either getting equal HEX back to what was spent, or being able to AH them.


I’m ever hopefully they’ll bring back the faction specific missions and some of the faction tension/rivalry that was in TSW back in 2012. Probably not - seems to be going more homogenous vanilla - as to why do we even have factions - even the faction HQ’s are never used.

But agree - not alt friendly. Other games I play (EQ2, WoW, ESO, TOR) seem to encourage you to stay and play with the sharing for alts, etc.

Agree on the equal hex coins or AH if account bound doesn’t work for FC.

If I ever buy another character slot - Ever-Hopeful is the name…

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Yep, this is the reasoning I was hinting at, thanks for going into detail. I honestly just didn’t want to, lol.

Honestly, I don’t think adding more stuff to agent boosters is the way to go.

Funcom should actually fix what’s broken, i.e. the overall poor value proposition of agent boosters and the applications of the currently mostly useless by design ‘mitigation currency’ Hexcoin.

Only aurum is shared through the account, which isn’t sufficient to me.

More (single use) booster ideas:

  • Pyrrhic booster (mythic) - you agent will complete a mission with outstanding results, but will be incapacitated for the maximum time on completion
  • Double Down booster (epic) - double the time a mission takes, but also all the (potential) rewards/XP.

Also, I’m not sure if these boosters like there should be bought directly, but rather either in the Booster Packs or traded for Hex.


I will take 100 “ignore mission resource” boosters, please, and 50 “reroll reward” boosters.

I wouldn’t mind these in the actual agent boosters, but I also would love to see some of these as agent mission rewards because, honestly, I’m starting to get bored of agent mission rewards. The only ones that seem worth getting somewhat excited about are blue agent equipment reward bags and… um… yeh, that’s about it. And that’s really just a few missions that are 4 hours long and are low enough in the diamond tiers to actually allow one of your 50s to have 100% affinity for the missions. Any other potentially exciting reward is so far off from the possibility of getting right now that they are completely ignorable. Where are all the mythic and legendary agent equipment drops anyways? The rest of the time, I’m just slowly trying to get as many free resources as possible, ignoring most T3, T4, and T5 missions all together (as resource costs are not making any sense for about 85% of the rewards within these tiers).

But really, I just want to see a lot more reward variety. In addition to what you have listed; Ocasionally, why not throw in a bag of MoFs or a bag of Aurum in there? Maybe just a mission or 2 every few days or something. There doesn’t even have to be a lot of either currency in these bags for them to seem exciting and worth going for. I mean, the only reason the blue reward bags are really very interesting at all is for the chance to pick up a little MoF from selling their contents (or a chance at purple equipment you might not have yet).

Back on topic though, If they do add more interesting rewards to agent boosters, so long as they fix the terrible duplicate system, I will be the first in line to shell out more hard earned cash for them. I mean, it’s up to you how much you want our money, Funcom. We’ve told you how we feel :diamonds:


Because I’m a glutton for punishment I bought more booster packs (25) - one agent that wasn’t a dupe out of five that came from that and one gear piece that wasn’t a dupe - pretty useless considering. I was a bit miffed, but expected it. It was a test to see how bad the RNG was.

Now the agents could have been used by my other characters and the same for a couple of the ‘blue’ gear pieces. But no, they’re hex coins, that I can eventually turn into a bag to get an agent that will likely be a dupe agent too.

If you could have traded the agent for one you don’t have that would be great, considering I can’t sell them and buy another like the dropped ones.

So yeah, I’m done spending $$ again until this is fixed or made more “ALT” friendly.

FunCom make it enjoyable to spend money on your game, PLEASE! I really like to support the games I play, but you make it un-fun.

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The reality of customer service and contact centers is that agent turnover will not disappear. However, most agents do want to perform well.

It would be nice if you could buy boosters with keys…

Green agent gear should be removed from all boosters. Or… at the very least allow us to upgrade agent gear.