About rising a pet?

Hello. I am not playing the game for a long shot, i just played 3 weeks until now and i have many secrets undiscovered yet. So, for now, i have a question : how can i aquire an wolf, to rise it from a little one, to growth? Do i receive a little wolf to a quest or i have to buy it somehow? I don’t want to know what quest, if i get it from a quest, i just wanna know the way to aquire it, the rest, the quest i will find by my own, no problem, i generally do all the quests, sides or story. I love the game. I forgot to mention , i am a warrior class.

You need to join the Wolves of the Steppes and progress through the ranks. They are a faction in the Northern Grasslands which is the first level 80 area in Khitai.

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wow. thanks man. see, i didn t had no clue about this. Thanks again, i will look into it.