White wolves, where are they and their cubs?

my daughter went looking for some white wolves and there were none … Have they been removed? How will she get one as a pet as I’ve never seen pups for them either?

Can’t say I’ve seen pups but dire wolves are in the north, starting around the boundary between the mounds and the snow, running all the way up

I’m not sure but I don’t think you actually capture pets do you? you make them in the “pen” I lost track

Dire wolves are the rare “crit” versions of wolves
so same cubs

If I understand their statements thus far there are only wolf cubs. Then, depending on what you feed them you have a chance of spawning either a wolf or a dire wolf. if you feed them cheap rubbish you are pretty much guaranteed to get a wolf. if you feed them higher grade foods you have a higher percent chance of a dire wolf though it is by no means a guarantee.

Hey Oduba and @Sierra,

Could you confirm and/or give references for this information please?

I’m a wiki-editor :wink:

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See Pet on the Official Wiki to get a better understanding of Pets and the upcoming update in general.

If it are the same wolf cubs, then my wiki information will be adjusted so dire wolf puppy = wolf cub

See Obtaining to see where Wolf Cubs as a whole are. Alternatively, see the reference used for the list for more exact locations.

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