Is Telith island the only one spawn for bear pet?


I’m looking for a bear pet on an official server, problem is somebody built a large base on the Island where they spawn.

Do you know if i can find bear pets elsewhere ?

you can find babies black bears near the the mount of the deads (on your way to the frozen lake).

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Thanks !

I think there is also a baby bear around the south / southwest side of Riversend lake in the highlands close to where it transitions into the desert …

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You can also find two bear cubs in the bear cave in the midnight grove.

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All bears are not the same either, the one’s north of the mounds of the dead are significantly more dangerous. Same goes for wolves.

I know there are “Dire Wolf Cubs” but are there “Black Bear Cubs”?

I picked up a Sabertooth cub and two, umm I think they were “Frostwolf” cubs last night.

by the way, frostwolves and “regular” wolves have different babies, but sadly, in the pen, they turn to “regular” wolves despite the difference between the two wolves you can encounter.

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