Baby animals rare?

I’ve been wandering the isle all day, can’t seem to find many baby animals anyware. I’ve tried culling mobs, waiting for them to respawn but no luck.

anyone had much luck?

I’ve found a baby bear and turtles but nothing else thus far.

Did pick up a baby camel from a surge mob though, so getting pets from those is a possibility.


I have seen a panther cub

Not rare, kill the adults and they spawn.

How often?

Yeah I believe in a previous patch they changed it so anywhere a certain type of animal spawns a baby or greater version can also spawn there as well. I found 2 baby mountain lions on the upper right island in the map on top of a sloped hill. I believe there are places where they are more likely to spawn.

We have cougars, wild dogs, lynx, and jaguars so far.
We left the turtles alone.

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To add to Chaonike’s post… 200 may seem like a large amount, it’s not.

Gold is much easier to obtain on Siptah.


Turtle hatchlings can only be evolved into shredded roast in a campfire.

So true. I don’t have steel yet, but I have a stack of gold bars.

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If it means anything I think I found a lynx cub around Violet Isle in the northwest.

Btw do the neutral encampment sell only animal pets or do they have mercenaries merchants like on Flotsam in Exiles Lands?

Somehow I expect they don’t but I was curious nonetheless(and know it’s easily fixed with Pipps’ mod and custom NPC spawners anyway).

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I’ve found 15 merchants there - everything except Berry Juice, Ice and THRALLS :disappointed:

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