No baby animals

I have seen 0 baby animals. I have looked online and found no real help. Haven’t checked for a merchant but still 0 babies and animals in general are kind of sparse sometimes like they just don’t spawn. Does anyone else have this problem or perhaps a solution?

Generally speaking, just kill the adults. The next spawn has a chance of being a baby version.

If you’re looking for something in particular, just tell us what it is and maybe somebody knows a good spot for them. Might also want to mention which map you’re on.

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Is it EL or IoS? I get enough babies in EL, but just no in IoS in single player. I don’t know exactly but it looks like a bug for me.

Isle of siptah on single player. Yeah I have seen some you tube posts where they say like always spawn type areas but I don’t even find adults in that area.

I haven’t seen a single horse either

Kill off adults and hang about and babies spawn eventually. Although very select baby creatures are hard to find, they are there. On Siptah check out all the Leyshrines - many foals there.

Then there are the ones that are only available via Traders only (Siptah and Exiled Lands). Some are dropped by killing off key purge spawns.

Lastly, the food fed tot he baby animals influences the chances of greater and lesser end result. And you can ‘store’ the babies and unplaced pets in cold storage (for those that didn’t already know it) - as well as in other pet inventories, though I would be careful about that as it may be a ‘glitch’ that, when corrected by an update/patch, will lose you all that was stored.

Horses are guaranteed spawns. Don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to find any in single player unless you built right on top of them without realizing it. I mostly get mine from just to the east of the westernmost layshrine. I forget the name of it, but it’s the one near the demon spider vault.

Siptah. Earlier today. Two bear cubs, two lynx kits, several annoying antelopes and one rhino-ling. Foals - five just around aforesaid leyshrine.

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