Foal not spawning

I am in single game and it seems no foal spawns. Anyone run into that problem?

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Actually i had this problem a lot, but since the last patch the foals are back - at least in my games, Siptah and Exiled Lands. Where were you looking?

Siptah. I check the interactive maps and I visited every spot many times and still I did not see one.

I found 3 northwest of the Leyshrine of the Demon at the corner of the next hill. F10 lower left side. They needed a minute to spawn or less.

I finally got one. I almost fell off my chair. I think I was trying to leap in the screen so I don’t miss it lol. I found it on the left of the wayshrine of the fiends. Tks for you help.


I was just a bit too far away the other day and tried to pick one up. And it gave my thrall the attack this command.

Poor baby horse never had a chance😭

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