Exiled Lands: Group of foals no longer spawn at I4

Verified in modless server. Not sure if this occurred by error or might be an undocumented change.

Since the last patch, in single-player and dedicated servers, a group of 3 foals present since horses were first added to the game towards the end of 2019 have disappeared from grid I4 just south of Cannibal’s Rest. One normally roamed just south of the camp near the NPCs, one just to the southwest up on the ridge overlooking the camp, and one a bit further south from that ridge halfway towards Narrowneck Span.

Here’s a rough sketch of the location and where I remember the horses wandering at (looking southwards from north of it on the cliffs).

I’ve also seen claims that there used to be 4 foals scattered around the area of the Shattered Bridge at F4. I don’t recall ever seeing any there myself, although I seldom travel that area.

true, i haven’t spawned horses since one of the last hotfixes.
i have a rented server

true. they arent there anymore

I have still seen horses in other locations, if anyone is trying to find some. Along the river, check around the west end of the island at K5/K6 for 3 foals roaming around. If you’re further north the foals in the highlands around G9 still seem to be present as well.

I believe the foals around F4 were removed a good while back (pretty sure they were already gone by the time I started playing). For what it’s worth, I did find foals at I4 not that long ago, but it was pre-Siptah. I did also have a couple of visits there where it appeared none were spawning, but then found them again on a later visit. My theory at the time was either rng or maybe the direction I approached from (since I know that affects some spawns). Of course, now that Siptah is out, all of that info may be out of date.

Well that made me confused when we went to find them, thanks for the info.

Just as a question, is the server you play on using any mods that may access/modify thrall/spawn tables?

Did you read the first sentence of the post? @Eudas

Interesting. I last scooped up all three foals at I4 towards the end of September. Every time I’ve gone through that area foals were present unless they were recently collected and hadn’t respawned yet. Can’t personally say I felt any sort of randomness was involved in their presence; they seemed static, much like every gazelle, rocknose, gator, hyena etc. in the region. :slight_smile:

But anyway, I hadn’t played CE for a few months and picked it up again just hours after Siptah went live, so I’m absolutely certain I collected foals at I4 post-Siptah. I’ve read every patch change log since and saw nothing mentioned. I don’t have any objection to the developers moving horses around, but when it isn’t mentioned in the change logs I worry if it was an intentional or accidental change.

More specifically, none of the 4 sessions (2 different MP servers, 2 different SP games) checked for horses at I4 had such a mod. One of the servers had only 3 mods: Pickup+, Improved Quality of Life and Fashionist.

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Must’ve missed it. Thanks.

I can also confirm on Official server #1510 PvE - g-portal.com, the foals at I-4 are no longer there.

Hey @Daedalon

Thanks for the observation, we’ve relayed it to our team to see if this is an intended change or not.

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Yes yes maybe it is one of those changes that got left out of the patch notes so we the players have no clue it was changed.

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