Maybe stupid question on horses

Hi there im playing on a private server atm…
i tryed to get a horse and looked at a few diffrent spawnpoints for them (looked it up on youtube/wiki)
but couldnt find a single one…
does the admin need to “turn on” horses/can he deactivate them?
if so im considering leaving…or are they just that rare?


Some mods might make them not spawn.

In the previous patch ( Xbox Patch (15.01.2020), under Terrain and Environment fixes, Ignasis mentions that the devs “Removed spawnpoints for foals from near the starting river. Foals still exist in other places on the map”. I think the spawn points in the north are intact, they just removed all of the foal spawn points on the Noob River near the Shattered Bridge. I do know that a foal still spawns in I4 between Cannibal’s Rest and Narrowneck Span. It is near where the named T4 exile spawns. I picked up a few horses there since the last update. Hope this helps.

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this should help a lot thx!

Glad to help out. :+1:

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