Have foals disappeared?

The private server I’ve been playing on got wiped to have a fresh slate for release 2.1. We players haven’t been able to locate any foals since the release, though. There was always a foal spawn at I-4 (I’d had a base on the coastline there), and can confirm that spawn is missing. I haven’t had a chance to run up to the barrows to see if the foal that spawns on a ridge just west of the Circle of Swords is present.

Anybody else seeing foals? I need mah horsey goodness!

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Yes. I raised this issue awhile ago in the bug report forum and several other players confirmed they can no longer find horses at I-4 either. Here’s some places you might still be able to find horses:

Good luck!

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Thanks so much for those pointers! I’ll give it a try.

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I also cannot find the usual foal spawns at I-4. Glad to hear they aren’t completely gone.

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I was able to find foals in the following locations:

  • southern shore of the K5/K6 island
  • under the aquaduct in G9
  • on a ridge just west of the Circle of Swords in C10
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