Foal/Horse Spawns Updated in Exiled Lands?

Have the spawn locations for foals changed on the original map? I haven’t been able to find any in the normal spots near noob river since the Isle of Siptah expansion. Has anyone found foals since the update? My brother and I recently started a private server and we can’t find any horses, it’s driving us crazy. Any help is appreciated.


I came here just to check this. No Foal spawns in locations that everyone says they are in

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I guess you play on PC? Last night on ps4 server and saw several Foals
Ps4 has not had a update lately. Worse case scenario spawn them in. Good luck @Apexs2 @FailRogue.

Oh man if only I could. I am on the PC and playing on an official server.

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Perhaps you can get some one else on the server to trade you for one . I imagine pc steering a horse better than ps4 . I am all over the place with them. Good luck.

Yeah, we’re on PC. Some people on Reddit suggested looking around the Mounds of the Dead and the North Aqueduct, it seems like the Cannibal’s Rest spawn point may have been removed.

I think no matter what it’s like steering a brick through mud, but I’ve noticed that they turn easier if you’re not moving forward, so if you need to make a hard turn, ease off the acceleration and the horse will turn more sharply.

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Thanks brick through mud I like that.

I was able to find 2 of them last night in the grassy areas below the northern aqueduct.

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