Where are the pet horses?

I coordinate a server where the pet horses disappeared, where are those pet?

Any mods on the server?

Is it console? The patch yesterday I believe removed them from noob river, so there should be horses on the border of the jungle and further north from noob river in the center, as well as up in the northwest by the mounds.


As @darthphysicist already said, the noob river has no foals anymore:

  • Removed spawnpoints for foals from near the starting river. Foals still exist in other places on the map.
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Plays ‘Goodbye Horses’…

Any mods on the server?
Glass buildings and much more …

ExilesExtreme - v1.4.65

Interesting caves and new ores


Arcane Alchemist

The Armor of Revenants v2

The Age of Calamitous



Dark desires

Emberlight 2.1.7

Better Thralls v1.9.5

Shock bow

Better quality of life

Pippi - User and Server Management - v3.0.5

Is it true?
I walked the four corners and unfortunately found no foals

Well that is kind of true and kind of not true, I found a few foals on river other day will go down and take a shot of where when I get off this afternoon.

Well with a mod list that extensive, my immediate guess would be one of those causing it.

Yeah my answer would probably only apply to a vanilla install.

What is “other day”? The Patch came yesterday… so If you found one 2 days ago, then

Spawn locations at noob river have indeed been removed (previously for PC, now also for console with the latest patch) as @darthphysicist and @jot29 stated.

You can see all current foal spawn locations in the video (timestamped for convenience) below, map + some location examples.

If you can’t find any at these locations it must be mod related indeed, I remember that we ourselves couldn’t find foals once when we had an outdated mod installed, so it’s a possibility.


I am on PC btw but the patch notes might say they have been moved but as you can see by my shots they were on noob river as of less then 10 minutes ago, these shots are all taken in the last hour. I just ran the river up one side and down the other. You can see by my mini map where each shot is taken. I have a base by the dregs and run the river each side daily. There are foals in each of these spots all the time.

BTW everyone of these spots are on the river so not sure why Funcom said no foals here cause well they sure seem like foals to me lol.

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I am on pc so the patch has been on my machine for well since it came out so patch notes or not as you can see by my last post horses they are there on the newb river.

That’s really odd. Your picture 2 and 3 are not some of the removed locations btw, they are still there as per our video. But picture 1 and 4 shouldn’t be there anymore and I’m pretty sure we checked all locations after they removed the river ones and they were gone. Might be of course that it’s a glitch or that a later hotfix re-introduced some again. Very bizarre. But hey, better more than fewer locations :smiley:

Well we did not get any other hot fixes for PC since they told us they were removed.

I did think that the 2 and 3 I saw marked in your video but I was unsure so just wanted to make sure I showed them all in case.

I do not think it is a glitch but I know they have been there though a total restart of server and char since pc’s last patch.

Thanks for your effort to help me with the problem …
Tomorrow I will search again to locate the foals.

… nobody got the ‘goodbye horses’ joke…

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Close enough