Unable to find baby horses

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug | Other
Server type: PvE
Region: US
Mods?: No

Bug Description:

I cannot find baby horses anywhere they use to spawn, did they disable them due to bugs?

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Which map?

On EL, most of lower spawns have been removed. There handful left in a few spots in south. You’ll mostly need go into Northern Plains to find foals now (in great number)

As for Siptah…no clue.

One of the islands at the start of the eastern river delta leading into the jungle has foals on it, too.

This isn’t a bug, Funcom just decided to remove nearly all their spawn locations and maps of their locations you can find online are almost all outdated now.

On Siptah, foals are now found only in one place, in the area of ​​the idle South-West Leyshrine, there are three foals.

The foals still spawn, not sure about down on the river location, haven’t been there in a while, but certainly up by the aqueduct near where Dina, Master Huntress spawns and also on a hill between Lakes End and the Mounds of the Dead lake.

Foal spawns around noob river were removed in December 2019.

K 5/6 should be a spawn of two or three. It’s not exactly noob river but very close to.

North of shellbacks, (was 3 or 4 spawns above them along cliff and paths)

Theres 1 left, Few other spots like that. (most escape my memory, that team seemed to have pased over)

but ya, most of easy get spawns got removed.

K5/6 has 5 fouls:

  • 1 is at the entrance to Pitfall Pass
  • 1 is up high on the cliff with the birds, above Pitfall Pass
  • 3 are further North-West along the shore just past some Shalebacks, there is a Rotbranch on the island directly across from them.

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