Do foals ever respawn after being picked up?

I’m in single player. After killing a foal, then logging out and back in, the foal has respawned.

But after picking up and taming, a foal no longer appears to respawn at that location.

Is this working as intended?

If it is working as intended, wouldn’t you eventually run out of foals?

Could it have coincided with the latest hotfix update? Among other changes, it removed foal spawn points around the southern ‘newbie’ river, so if you’re not seeing them spawning there, than that is the reason.

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All the ones I’ve collected have respawned same spot

Ah, that might be it. I only noticed it this morning.

I’ll need to find other locations.


Seems really strange they would remove the one safe spot for people of low level to get a horse in my mind. Another way to make the game harder I guess by making people travel to those higher ranked bio domes.

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This change is fine I think. They should be a bit rate after all.

I suppose that’s the logic behind it, though I can’t know for sure of course. It does make getting a horse early on more difficult, but so far, it doesn’t feel very critical (maybe because horses, per se, it a nice toy but they’re too impractical since only one follower is allowed), plus grassy spots around Mounds of the Dead where I’d seen another spawns feel to be a bit more fitting for horses.

Why did they remove them from the noob river. It was perfect the way it was. I hope Funcom reads this and fixes it back the way it was.

I explored for a while looking for a foal, but still no luck.

North Aqueduct and Mounds of the Dead have been mentioned.

Has anyone found a foal closer to the starting river than these two places?

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On the server i am admin i will have to see where they spawn and if it is a very remote place, will have to set up a teleport point i suppose. Funcom enjoys sc-re-wing things up after they made things perfect.

This video will show some places other then no more in starting area.

There are some just south of Pitfall Pass.


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